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Topic: PS4 GT Sport Fanatec CSW v2 Wheel settings

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    PS4 GT Sport Fanatec CSW v2 Wheel settings

    So I splashed out on a CronusMAX Plus through Amazon, so I could play GT Sport on the PS4 with my CSW v2.. (Not knowing about the Drivehub.. D'oh!) And I've managed to get it all working fine enough.. However, it seems to lack a bit of 'feel'.. No tyre slip, no kick of opposite lock on oversteer etc.. Now while I realize the CronusMAX is a bit of a workaround to get these peripherals working, I'm wondering if that's just as good as it gets, or whether I'm missing something in the setup.

    What I'm hoping is, that there maybe someone out there who's managed to find some settings to improve the feel of the FFB and if so, would you mind posting your Settings here (On wheel and in-game.. Plus anything that there maybe with the CronusMAX itself)

    Here's hoping!

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    Re: PS4 GT Sport Fanatec CSW v2 Wheel settings

    Ok.. SO a quick update.. After a day or two with no reply here, I decided to cut my losses and return the CronusMAX to Amazon.. Thankfully they refunded me with no fuss! Now as I was already committed, I dished up an extra 40 quid and bought the Drivehub from Collective minds.. Buying it from here may show as 50 odd quid, but it's liable for import taxes and shipping and actually works out about £5 more, plus Collective minds have stock in the UK so it only took a couple of days to come.

    First impressions are that it's a massive step forward from the Cronus, the feeling is a lot better, it's much easier to set up and gives me the 'feel' I was looking for... But there is one annoying problem... Understeer vibration.. It's horrendous, go beyond the grip limit of your front tyres and you're greeted with a diabolical sawtooth jarring on the wheel.. Noisy and annoying!.. It does teach you to stay within the bounds of a particular cars grip, but comes as a violent reminder of any transgression should you overshoot a corner from time to time.. There is an odd post or two suggesting that it happens on some wheels that are not connected via the Drivehub and I'm hoping the effect gets muted or removed in the future, but be warned, it will affect your enjoyment and immersion somewhat.

    Anyhoo.. Thought I better add my experience here before it becomes a permanent dead end google search for all you others in my situation.. Basically, if you bought the CronusMAX to achieve this goal, you bought the wrong thing!.. It's a pity there isn't a bit more advertising out there to make people more aware of the Drivehub!

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