So I splashed out on a CronusMAX Plus through Amazon, so I could play GT Sport on the PS4 with my CSW v2.. (Not knowing about the Drivehub.. D'oh!) And I've managed to get it all working fine enough.. However, it seems to lack a bit of 'feel'.. No tyre slip, no kick of opposite lock on oversteer etc.. Now while I realize the CronusMAX is a bit of a workaround to get these peripherals working, I'm wondering if that's just as good as it gets, or whether I'm missing something in the setup.

What I'm hoping is, that there maybe someone out there who's managed to find some settings to improve the feel of the FFB and if so, would you mind posting your Settings here (On wheel and in-game.. Plus anything that there maybe with the CronusMAX itself)

Here's hoping!