There is a script that I wanted to use my showstopper pop shot script but (SWBF gun) shoot the fastest possible without any mis-firing; now it works fine with R2 on a controller without x-aim open just through the compiler, but when I use a mouse, or at least the script through the x-aim plugin, the script seems to not work correctly at all. It is as if the timing is off or changed, perhaps x-aim has some sort of delay with scripts? The gun shoots off rythem and slow and even when using a controller and mouse, the R2 receives the same delay. I also noticed it is harder to burst/fire manually using a mouse with x-aim on ps4 rather than the actual game on pc. So, something is causing the rapid fire numbers to be different or not register on time within the program, and yes I did try running the scrubber to try a fresh start. It also should be pointed out that maybe it has to do with, while in x-aim, the left mouse key/firing key having a delay because as mentioned before, playing SWBF on pc with the same mouse was extremely easy to burst the ee3. The delay seems to be only when firing weapons, nothing else seems to delay. Once noticing that problem, I realized all the hours spent timing the hold and wait times(rapid fire script) are out of sync when switching from controller, with the same script, to x-aim and mouse and vice versa.