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Topic: Defiance 2050 Gamepack/Script

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    Defiance 2050 Gamepack/Script

    Hi Guys, Defiance 2050 is the "new" MMO type game on X1/PS4/PC which is essentially a remastered version of the old one. I would love a gamepack or script for this game with potentially these features:

    Rapid Fire - Turn the Pistols into rapid fire guns.

    Aim Assist - The aim assist is pretty strong when snap targetting, so perhaps a form of 'Aim Abbuse' like found in fortnite would be useful?

    Auto-Pick up - Holding down the X/Square button would continuous press the button as after performing an event you have to spam the button to pick up all your loot!

    Auto Sprint - It's just so much nicer to not have to hold the stick down.

    Once i play a bit more i would add some more requested features, as this a free game there is no purchase neccesary to try it out! Its actually a really fun game with some lag/disconnect issues atm.

    Cheers guys and give me feedback on the post as im a new cronus user!

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    Re: Defiance 2050 Gamepack/Script

    I would love it. Hope someone can take care of this.

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