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Topic: Destiny 2 gamepack V2

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    I Am Error

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    Destiny 2 gamepack V2

    Please rebuild destiny 2 gamepack

    Features :
    -all layouts
    -anti recoil secondary primary
    -hair trigger
    -auto mele
    -auto refuse bomb/revives
    -aim assist
    -rapid fire dps + down on/off
    -Xbox one elite controler on ps4

    And is perfect gamepack

    Jump strefe ads burst shot etc ist no good in destiny 2

    Please remake gamepack thank u when u done I know now fortnite is on top for script and gamepack but when hast du zeit please

    Again thanks and good luck

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    I Am Error

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    Re: Destiny 2 gamepack V2



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    Italian Plumber

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    Re: Destiny 2 gamepack V2


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