Being a collector of gaming gadgets i recently acquired a CronusMax.

Having a great time testing out scripts and trying to build my own. What a wonderful device for people who love experimenting with functions. Best gadget I've bought in years.

Have recently run into an issue for which i think there may be a very short answer.

When i plug the Cronus into the console, and then plug the Hori Tac Pro into the Cronus, i find that it disconnects for some strange reason.

The Hori is fine and it works perfectly if i plug it directly into the console. Same with the Cronus. There are also no issues with either of my consoles and i've tested it on both.

What i've noticed: I have various gaming mouse/mice, and with some of them when i activate macros stored on the mouse then then they disconnect from the Hori. Almost as though it is detecting a script being used.

My current thinking is that the problem is one of two things...

1) The Hori keyboard/Mouse is detecting scripts
2) The Cronus is not outputting enough power through the USB for the Hori to function correctly.

Note: I am not routing connections through a PC. The connection is Console-Cronus-Hori-Mouse.

My goal: Be able to use Hori keyboard and mouse with the benefit of Cronus scripts.

Is this possible?

Could it simply be a setting somewhere that i need to activate/de-activate?

Thank you very much for reading.