Was really excited to be able to use a PS4 with Xbox contr Lost but sadly let down with 8 hours of hoop jumping. I understand I need to do a little work, but it just seems to be problem after problem with this little thing. Out of date usb 2.0 hubs for a start? I grab my old computer... firmware update greyed out. The list goes on. Can’t find ANY solutions. Just Admin advising people that they’re ignorant. So my question is what is the return policy? I just spent 8 hours doing work around a for your dongle device and still no luck? I have all brand new equipment/cables, properly inspected versions and all the user manuals for pc and Mac. Tried both. Tried Vbox and Boot camp as well for Mac without any luck. It just seems to be a product that will shortly be surpassed by something that actually works for EVERYONE.