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Topic: DIY Adapter for Logitech/Thrustmaster

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    Question DIY Adapter for Logitech/Thrustmaster

    So you want to use the TM pedals with the G29. I'm going to approach this from a different angle but end up in the same place. My first 2 TM wheels on came with as 2 pedal set, so I made and adapter to use the G27/G29 pedals with the TM wheels. TM use an odd ball rj12 jack, the retention tag is offset.

    so I lopped off about 15 centimeters of the TM pedal lead. I then soldered a D-sub 9 female to the piece of the lead with the RJ12, hey presto the G27 pedals connect to the T150... You even get all 3 pedals....

    Attachment 5341

    the consequence of this is my TM pedals now had a wire with no connector... So I soldered on a male d-sub 9 to mate with the photo above essentially fixing the cut, the other consequence is that my TM pedals were now basically g27/g29 ready...

    the wire color might vary, I only ever made on adapter
    1 - gnd - red
    2 - gas - yellow
    3 - brake - blue
    4 - clutch - green
    5 -
    6 - presence - white
    7 -
    8 -
    9 - power - brown ( 3.3V )

    for reference here is some mouser links to the connectors:

    so if you want to swap gas and clutch you can simply swap the green and yellow wire
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