Good morning.
I'll describe the issue by writing all necessary infos.
1. Cronus version: CronusMAX PLUS v3
2. Firmware version: 1.24 WE
3. Controller: Logitech G25
4. Console: PS4 Slim
5. Wired (using PS4 CUH-ZCT2E for authentication)
6. I'm using an 2.0 USB Hub from Amazon basics (even if I tried also another USB Hub using the right ports)
7. Cronus Pro device settings screenshot:
Attachment 5360
8. CronusMax PLUS settings screenshot:
Attachment 5361
9. Detailed description of problem: When I play GT Sport on my PS4, there are some problem with CronusMax, because when I am driving, each 5-10 minutes it goes into neutral gear randomly, and it also brakes all of a sudden. That is a very quick process (I think 2-3 tenth of a second), but It causes me losing from 2 to 5 second when it occurs, depending on where the car is. In F1 2017 this problem is not related to gearbox , but to steering wheel, because all of a sudden it steers to left. I tried everything to fix the issue, but without success.
I hope you can fix this problem ASAP. Thanks.