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Topic: X-Aim is not working

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    X-Aim is not working

    I have just started having problems in the x-aim using my mouse and keyboard. I have everything connected but it is just not working at all. I have uninstalled it and did everything I can think of and it won’t work at all. The usb stick it self is acting fine like it is connected and working but when I hit the button to use mouse and keyboard on my Xbox nothing works. Like I said I have almost tried everything I can think of.
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    Re: X-Aim is not working

    Please provide more information of your setup including screenshots of all your xaim settings and a detailed description of your hardware and how everything is connected

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    Post Re: X-Aim is not working

    Also this has been working but one day I come home and it doesn’t work at all. I have everything up to date and everything. I also open the device monitor then I go and hit enter capture mode and I hit buttons on my keyboard and it registers it hitting on device monitor but it doesn’t work on the Xbox one S. I use the usb cored to plug into my pc and then I plug the other end to the Cronus. Then I plug the Cronus directly into the Xbox and then get another usb and then I plug it into the back of the Cronus and then I plug the other end into the controller. this is what it looks like. And the usb plugged into the side of Cronus is plugged into the pc. My mouse is a razor naga. My keyboard is a normal regular dell keyboard.this is my pc hardware
    These are my X-Aim settings

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