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Topic: Calibración giro g27 cronumax plus v3 ps4

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    Calibración giro g27 cronumax plus v3 ps4

    [Mod edit - Here are discussions for Other Languages, please keep these sub-forums to English only, thank you.]

    OP translation:

    Hello to see if someone is able to help me in the calibration at the time of turning. If I have to configure it from the PC for each car or there is an option because according to rumors in Gran Turismo 6 if I kept two buttons pressed with the steering wheel that was possible. Please an answer that helps me or some configuration link thanks
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    Re: Calibración giro g27 cronumax plus v3 ps4

    Hi, please keep these sub-forums in English language only. Other languages forums are located here, thank you.

    To your inquiry, I'm not completely sure of what you're asking.

    If you need help with a customized script to perform an action with a button combo, you can request help in this forum, also with plenty of guides to learn how to script for yourself aswell.

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