Hi folks,I'm hoping that someone can help me, firstly here Is my set up:
1. Cronus version: CronusMAX PLUS V3
2. Firmware version: 1.23 (tried upgrading to 1.24 but it freezes at 70)
3. Controller: Xbox One Controller (Original) using mouse and keyboard
4. Console: XBOX1
5. Wired or WIreless: Wired (Micro USB Cable)
6. USB Hub?: Yes. The hub is 2.0
7. Cronus Pro device settings screenshot:
Attachment 5491Attachment 5492
The issue that I'm having is after finding many settings for the mouse, I found one that seems reasonably stable, the problem is that the mouse seem to get stuck if I lift the mouse away from the table, also it only seem to go in a direction for a small amount of time, for example I look upwards it stops at around 45 degrees, same with other directions, not all at the same time.
any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
p.s My mouse is 6D optical gaming mouse with precise sensor supports 800/1200/2000/3200DPI