A while ago I found this script in the forum and I like a lot because I use the triggers rotated, R1 L1 to shoot and aim, and with this I can toggle in the game between the abuse in% or fire on the problem esque after epic change the assistance not m E worked with no values, probe 175/60, 170/30, 260 30, etc and none seemed to work since I only use the abuse, I do not like to use assist, and I realize that when I point out the abuse is not working for anything not even close to the object vo, basically does nothing, I happened to try on 300/30 just to try something, and it seems to work pretty well, I would like to know why, is that the values of 2.5, 2.6, do not work as in this or other scripts because it is supposed to be only a time to Esper A and that if one works well for example 260/30, in the other should also, That's what I think,
Can someone try it with these values and tell me if they could be improved?