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Topic: Can't drive in Horizon 4 in T300RS with DriveHub on 2.0.2

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    Can't drive in Horizon 4 in T300RS with DriveHub on 2.0.2

    Hi, I bought the DriveHub to play forza horizon 4 in my thrustmaster T300RS. I tested it in Horizon 3 before 4 came out and it worked good. Not perfect as in GT sports on the ps4 without the drivehub. But converting to Xbox with the drivehub it feels good enough.

    However, it's a total different story with horizon 4. The car would easily oversteer while trying to make turns, making the car to go spinning very quick and out of control. Only driving in a straight line and navigating menu would work.

    After it failed, I updated the firmware of the drivehub from 2.0.0 to 2.0.2. And the problem persist, no noticeable changes. Also both of the games horizon 3 and 4 are standard versions, not the demo.

    Has anyone tried this? Playing horizon 4 with T300RS? Is it my wheel/drivehub issue? Or game compatibility issue? Are we waiting for a patch to play horizon 4? I couldn't find any info on this forum. Only saw someone tried the demo of horizon 4 and worked.. So im kinda worried it's my hardware problem. Please help.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Re: Can't drive in Horizon 4 in T300RS with DriveHub on 2.0.2

    Update to the latest beta f/w. That should fix you up.

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