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Topic: Cronus PRO v1.21 - This needs a solution!

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    Angry Cronus PRO v1.21 - This needs a solution!

    First off- FML!! This really sucked! I've spent the past few weeks studying the GPC Guide, and I'm in the early to middle stages of understanding other user submitted scripts. I spent the better part of my day editing and lost everything because of my own foolishness.

    I'm not gonna be mad because I do understand why it happened but I sure hope this gets some attention and some sort of solution.

    <---Do you see the frustration here!?

    So i just spent about 6 hours<----(still learning GPC Structure) re-writing and adding to a script that seems to have a high demand. It required a lot of gameplay testing to find out the exact values for conviviums version of LEX's AR-RF w/weapon profiles in PUBG. (I have not found a completed version anywhere! I had all the weapon values except for two Care Package weapons!)

    @convivium My PUBG stats are now doo-doo due to extensive testing!

    So while I was editing the script, I wanted to open the original script and compare a couple entries (NOTE: The script I was editing and the script I wanted to open had the same filename----and that was my mistake) . When I opened the original for comparison it opened the original script over my edited version.

    So it just replaced all my editing with the original script... And it did this WITHOUT even asking for prompt to save changes and I LOST ALL MY WORK!

    I've come up with a list of possible solutions to address this and hope it gets implemented in a future update.

    **PROBLEM** - If a file is open with for example filename RECOIL-RFIRE-BREATH-RELOAD and you are editing the time consuming way(viaCPro) and decide to look at original file that still has same filename RECOIL-RFIRE-BREATH-RELOAD.

    **SOLUTION 1* - Cronus PRO will ask if you'd like to save changes to the file before opening. In turn, saving noobs like myself countless hours of testing/editing/comparing. (This seems like it'd be the most likely solution) soo....#1

    **SOLUTION 2* - Cronus PRO automatically renames file that is being opened to RECOIL-RFIRE-BREATH-RELOAD to prevent overwrite.

    **SOLUTION 3* - Cronus PRO opens file in a new gpc tab. Again to prevent overwrite of file being edited! (I see how this could create issues, that is why its solution 3 and not solution 1.
    Last edited by URTHWEAKESTLNK; 10th October 18 at 16:08. Reason: I changed title of thread from flaw... to needs solution. Definitely was not what I expected to happen. I think I've done this some other place and should have known.

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    Re: FLAW within CM+

    Quote Originally Posted by URTHWEAKESTLNK View Post
    First off- FML, This really sucked! I'm not gonna be mad but I sure hope this gets some attention and resolution.
    Dude I feel for ya....Attachment 5541

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    Re: Cronus PRO v1.21 - This needs a solution!

    I cleaned up your post as it was filled with so much formatting that it became almost impossible to read.

    Also, the SM Support forum is here:

    I have given the Cronus PRO lead developer a nudge to see what he says about your feedback.

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    Re: Cronus PRO v1.21 - This needs a solution!

    Thanks Max,
    And yeah sorry about the format - combination of not ever using forum/lack of sleep creates messy messy posts. =)
    Thanks again.

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