Hey, so I just got my Cronus Max up and running and I've been having a good time playing some old racing games on my ps3 with an Xbox 360 controller. It seems to run pretty smoothly and I'm happy to be playing my favorite games with a controller that doesn't hurt to touch but I noticed one small issue with the controller vibration being somewhat diminished.

The 360 controller's vibrations works most of the time but there's a few distinct, reproducible instances where the controller fails to vibrate when it should. In Crazy Taxi, when your car performs a speed boost it's supposed to acknowledge this with a rumble but it doesn't. I'm not sure why the controller is failing to pick up vibration cues but is there some form of script i can download that fixes this? Or is this a problem that varies from game to game that I will need to adjust manually? Or is there just no cure for this issue at all?

Also I have a feeling I'm in the wrong forum for this so if that's going to being a problem please direct me to the correct place and I will go there.

Thank you.