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Topic: Can someone make a script for me ( cod BO4 )(M&K-PS4)

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    Can someone make a script for me ( cod BO4 )(M&K-PS4)

    hello community,

    could someone create a script for M & K for me?

    I need a script for

    Anti recoil

    Auto sprint

    aim assist

    ADS Sensitivity

    currently I use this script
    (but not what I need (auto sprint is not so good .. and there is no anti recoil))

    I thank you now

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    Re: Can someone make a script for me ( cod BO4 )(M&K-PS4)

    Anti-Recoil and Aim Assist will not work together from what ive been told as far as black ops 4 goes id suggest you run with Auto Slide instead of Auto Run

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