Hey thank you for your help. I am trying to connect my mouse and keyboard to my xbox 1 so i can play some PUBG with my buddies XBOX 1. I bought the cronus, downloaded cronus pro v1.21 on the computer, plugged the cronus device into the computer using the the USB cable provided and plugged it into the PCPROG port on the side of the device. I then went to tools, options, device and selected the drop down tab for XBOX1. hit close disconnected from the computer and plugged the cronus into my xbox1. it started flashing UA and has a blue LED color. i plugged my controller into the device after waiting a few minutes it continues to flash UA and has a blue LED color. I tried holding down the button on the cronus to see if it did anything and nothing has changed. I know the micro USB is good because when i plug it into the controller while connected to the cronus the controller vibrates. I am stuck here and have no idea what to do?? any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you!!!!