I am trying to set up my PC to be a pass through to play my ps3. I am following the instructions here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/shi...2715?nocache=1 . As part of this, I am trying to connect my pc to the PS3 via the cronusmax. I have my pc connected thru the pc port, with the input put into the ps3. When I go into the XAIM plugin, I am able to get the ps3 to respond to my keyboard movement via the capture mode. I am trying to get a controller plugged into my pc to work via the cronusmax to the ps3, so that I can use my nvidia shield to remote play. The only way I can get the ps3 to respond to my commands is via the XAIM plugin, and in capture mode. How do I get this to work better? Let me know what I am missing. Thanks!