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    Xbox One Button Support on Wheels...


    DriveHub looks like a great product, I have one interesting point that could increase sales of your device

    Thrustmaster are always saying that the number of buttons supported on their Xbox One wheels is limited by the Xbox OS and controller

    However on a STANDARD Xbox One controller there are the following buttons;

    1. A
    2. B
    3. X
    4. Y
    5. Left Shoulder button
    6. Right Shoulder button
    7. Left Analog Stick Button (press in stick)
    8. Right Analog stick button (press in stick)
    9. D-pad
    9. Menu button
    10. View button
    11. Xbox guide button

    That makes a total of 8 buttons + D-pad which aren't fixed to 'xbox' functions...

    My Thrustmaster TMX wheel has 10 buttons (including 2 paddles) + D-pad + guide/menu/view buttons

    However 4 of those 'buttons' are duplicates of paddles on LSB/RSB and duplicates of xbox menu, view

    So I can never map more than 6 buttons in game on the wheel?

    Can we get 'Scripts' (like you are using in your CronusMax) to remap at least 2 of the extra wheel buttons to 'Left Analog Stick Button'/'Right Analog Stick Button'

    This would be an extra 'feature' allowing users to unlock the maximum amount of buttons on their particular wheel?

    Hope you can help

    You can never have enough buttons to map!


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