Hello agian and thank you so very much for all your help for my son. Without your help, he would not beable to play so many games. Thank you! We need help agian. He is playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and needs to make the left and right stick work together because, the left stick is for the camara and right stick is for moving his character and he also needs to change weapons and is having difficulties do that.
Cronus Max Plus
Red Dead Redemption

He said, "I tried to use remapper but I found out I can't switch my weapons when the left X is on the right stick. I am currently using the hold breath mod on the right side of the right analog stick. I don't know how to put the hold breath for the left side on to the right analog stick to do left X, negative on the right stick. I also need the sensitivity for the stick to be easer because otherwise I have to push the stick all the way to move the camera on the right stick, both directions to look around while moving my character. I would like to move my character and camera at the same time on one stick. (don't put left Y on the right stick, please.)