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Topic: G27 constant reset

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    G27 constant reset

    Hi guys,

    I've recently encountered a problem with my g27 wheel and cronusmax connection to ps4. I've everything setup by the guide provided on cronusmax website. for a month or so everything was running great, but lately I've been unable to do anything with the wheel as it keeps restarting into calibration mode. I have tried running it connected straight to pc, ps3 and ps4 and it definitely works, connecting to the hub and then to any of the device doesn't have any trouble too. However when connecting through the Hub which is connected to cronusmax and then ps4 it seems like pulsing signal every second as if it was constantly connected and disconnected entirely.

    Any ideas as to why this is happening?

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    Re: G27 constant reset

    Please read the solutions already provided in the manual.

    You've already told us that your USB hub is not working correctly, so........

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    Re: G27 constant reset

    Well, I have tried swapping it out the hub, still the same issue. The conclusions are that: either I am "quite lucky" to run into 2 hubs, which are not working properly, or something else is not working. Concerning the first hub, it processes data for transfers on other devices, but is conflicting with cronusmax, even though, as stated before, it was working perfectly before. The same is with the different hub.

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