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Halo: MCC 'Multiplayer Champion' Achievement Script
Ver 1 by Maiden_Ty_One
1) Load up a Halo 3 Custom match of King of the Hill > Crazy King on Epitaph.
2) Set 'Score to Win' = 1
3) Set 'KOTH Settings: Off Hill Settings' = 1
4) Start the game
5) Press LS during the loading screen
6) Go to bed
7) Wake up next morning with this and 10 other achievements unlocked 🙂


Shadow Warrior 2 Karma/Orb farming script
Ver 1.1 by Maiden_Ty_One
GPC Online Library
Shadow Warrior 2 Karma/Orb farming script - by Maiden Ty One

You need to be at around at least level 30 - 40.

With the highest DPS and damage output sword you have (the Nobitsura Ka-Ge is the best as far as I'm aware, which can be attained from the free downloadable Christmas mission that can be found in Lo-Wang's office in the Wang Cave) put a Life Drain and HP After Enemy Kill gem into it, then fill the other slots with Damage, Critical Damage and Critical Chance gems.

Also put any Armor gems that boost Damage, Health/Life Drain, Critical Damage/Chance or Melee Damage. It also helps if you have maxed health capacity and any other skills that will help with this method.

Load up the game on Insanity Level 1.

Load up Trial of Infusion 1, press LS during the loading screen, sit back and watch the Orbs and Skill points roll in.

Occasionally Lo Wang will fall off the platform and die in the lava, meaning this only works about 75% of the time but that's actually a good thing - a problem with the Trials is that sometimes the last enemy can get stuck at the other side of the map, so Lo Wang eventually falling off and dying ensures that he doesn't get stuck in an endless loop. Dying just resets the Trial, so it's all good. This is also why it needs to be Trial of Infusion 1 - enemies get stuck in the other trials way more often and the design of Infusion 1 means it's easier for Lo Wang to die (which is what we want) if it happens here.

The only real problem is with the game itself - this game crashes. A lot. Unfortunately, there's nothing that can really be done about this, you'll just have to hope you get lucky and get a lot of runs in before it crashes.

I was already at Level 180 something when I made this. I set it up at night, went to bed, woke up in the morning with 32 skill points and about 3000 orbs - not bad for a night of lying on my back.


Dead Space with Dead Space 2 controls (+ RS for Stasis)
Ver 1.1 by Maiden_Ty_One
This is something I made for myself, as I find it frustrating going back to Dead Space 1 after playing Dead Space 2 and 3 and having to re-familiarize myself with its controls, as DS1 has a different layout to 2 and 3, but I thought others might find it useful, too.

This also maps Stasis to the Right Stick click, so you can use Stasis without taking your thumb off the aiming thumbstick. Since the RS click doesn't do anything whilst aiming in Dead Space, I thought this would be an improvement with no drawbacks.

Outside of aiming:

X = Reload
A = Use
B = Med Pack
Select = Inventory

Whilst aiming:

X = Reload
A = Use
Y = Stasis
RS = Stasis
LS = Gravity Jump

Was made for 360 but should work for PS3 also.


Bioshock 1 & 2 Remastered with Bioshock Infinite Controls (2.1)
Ver 2.1 by Maiden_Ty_One
// GPC Online Library
// Bioshock 1 & 2 Remastered with Bioshock Infinite controls - by Maiden Ty One
// (had some help from Token and Lex Lost).

// This gives Bioshock 1 & 2 as close to Infinite's control layout as possible.

// This is an improved version of the one I made for Bioshock 1 that also takes into account
// the Remastered Collection's improved control layout for Infinite (i.e RB = Melee, Y = Next Weapon/Wheel)
// This new version also works for Bioshock 2 and provides a Toggle for restoring the X and A functions
// for the hacking sections of the game.
// Bioshock 1 & 2:

// X = Use + Reload.
// A = Jump
// Y = Weapon wheel/next weapon.
// B = Crouch (you can also now go into a crouch whilst running).

// LS Restores X and A functions for the purposes of hacking.
// Bioshock 2:

// RB = Melee.
// Bioshock 1:

// RB = Medkit.

// For Bioshock 2 the new layout of X = both Use and Reload creates a problem when hacking.
// In Bioshock 2 hacking uses A to stop a needle and X to buy out the hack, so the new layout does
// both at once, making hacking a mess.
// To fix this LS is now used as a Toggle to restore the X and A buttons to their original functions.
// Click LS when approaching a machine to hack it and once again as soon as you've finished. This can
// take a little getting used to but nowhere near as much as you'd think.

// For Bioshock 1 it isn't much of a problem due to the way hacking works in that game, but you can
// still use LS to restore the X and A buttons for any reason if you so wish.
// Made on and for the Xbox One/360 but should work perfectly well on PS4/PS3.


Resident Evil 4 - Aim With Right Thumbstick
Ver 1.1 by Maiden_Ty_One
Just a little script that changes the aiming thumbstick from left to right.

Resident Evil 4 uses the Left Thumbstick for aim because the original Gamecube controller didn't have a proper Right Thumbstick. Resident Evil 5 was made for 360 and PS3, and used the more sensible Right Thumbstick for aiming.

Resident Evil 4 was later ported to 360 and PS3, however, for some bizarre reason, it never occurred to Capcom (or whoever they had port it) to take advantage of the superior PS3/360 controllers. So that's what this does. Everything else remains exact the same.

You'll need to have it set to 'Control Type II' in the options.


Doom 3 BFG Edition - Makes game actually playable.
Ver 1.2 by Maiden_Ty_One
Made this because the default controls in Doom 3 BFG are the most tortuous, moronically designed controls I have ever seen, and I can only assume were designed by the Marquis De Sade.

This script gives it as close as possible the layout of the Xbox Original and PS2 versions of Doom 3. In short, it makes the game actually PLAYABLE...

LT = Run (hold)
RS = Flashlight
LS = Crouch


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    Amazing device

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    Worth every penny

    The controller feels and performs as it does on the xbox right there on my ps3, awesome job guys, and worth every penny !!!

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    Amazing Macro combos

    tested Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. I was able to perform normal & FADC combos with some characters like Ryu and Ken with a single click. Amazing.

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    If you are a pc gamer, that needs a pc solution for console, get yourself a CronusMAX you will not regret it.

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    WOW! I can finally get that six-axis awesomeness on my Xbox 360. The best money I ever spent.

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    I've tried the Intensafire, Godfather even the new Wolf controller. The CronusMAX beats them hands down and no wires or soldering too. 5 Stars!

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    I can't believe how much this can do for the price tag - it blew me away. Best controller upgrade ever.

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    Hugh Thanks!

    Without your help I couldn't be playing Xbox, thanks guys.

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    I have to say after reading the forums for Destiny Mouse and Keyboard setup I was flying into getting it set up in 20 minutes. It works outstanding! I'm more then satisfied and its worth every penny!

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    Achievement Unlocked!

    Idle boosting Complete 150 Multiplayer games, James Cameron's Avatar. My friend said it would be hard, I laughed then linked him.

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    Now this is a company you can count on and trust...keep up the great work guys!

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    What Disability?

    I would like to thank you for making the CronusMax. I have this problem hitting L3 and R3, and today that problem was fixed. I love the remap feature on the Cronus max. You made my life easier.

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    Awesome stuff guys!

    Playing Forza 5 with my original MS 360 wireless wheel makes the XB1 complete for me, thanks to the CronusMax. Thumbs up!