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Automatic Slam Shot for VIDEOBALL Xbox One
Ver 1.0 by 22tma
Auto-slam shot for VIDEOBALL on Xbox One.

VIDEOBALL builds up a "slam" type shot the longer you hold your shoot button. It builds up in three stages: normal shot; large shot; slam shot. Each of these shot stages rumbles the controller when it switches.

Unfortunately the game pauses temporarily every time a touchdown is scored, meaning that using a simple timer for the slam shot will be unreliable. Instead, this script detects the controller rumble and uses this to guide when to release the slam shot.

Although almost every button on the controller is a shot, I have only opted to use RB as this was the easiest to rubber band for the 10,000 touchdowns achievement.

To use this script for achievement grinding: wire in two controllers to your console so they don't turn off, start a 1v1 game with the two controllers, set it to endless time, endless balls, and endless score. Move player 1 a little towards the ball, then rubberband the RB button. The script will shoot a slam shot, then move a little to the right to compensate for the kickback.



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