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Ghost Recon: Wildlands Radial Menu for M&Kb - XIM4 users

If you use mouse and keyboard or XIM4 you know how difficult is to use Radial Menu. This script will solve this problem. Now you can hold radial menu button and then press "short cut" buttons to reach the desired menu item. Look inside the script for more info about short cuts. I don't have the game so I didn't have opportunity to test this script so please add comments in the script thread.
Version 1.2
Author Excalibur
Publish Date 2017-03-29 19:12:13
Update Date 2017-04-12 14:27:58
Downloads 240



Release Notes: I check now the menu system and it is working properly.
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//Posted by Excalibur, a member of the community in the CronusMAX Forums -
//Posted : Wednesday 12th of April, 2017 15:14 UTC  
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands  Radial menu
    mouse and keyboard version / XIM 4 version
   Game   : Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands
   Author : Excalibur
   Console: Multi 
   Mouse & Keyboard / XIM 4 + CM users :
   Script for easy access to Radial Menu. Hold Radial Menu button ( default XB1_RB ) 
define RADIAL_MENU      = XB1_RB;  // PS4_R1
// UP menu
define UP_left_2        = 1;   
define UP_left_1        = 2; 
define UP_right_1       = 3; 
define UP_right_2       = 4;
// DOWN menu
define Down_left_1      = 5;
define Down_left_2      = 6;
define Down_centre      = 7;
define Down_right_1     = 8;
define Down_right_2     = 9;
int menu  = 1;
int x,y;
int hold_menu1;
int w_hold_menu  = 30;
main  {
    	hold_menu1 = !hold_menu1;
//  MENU hold XB1 RB
   // HOLD MENU button
   if(get_val(RADIAL_MENU) || hold_menu1){//---------------------------
      // Uper menu        |
      //            LS         RS
      //        LT                 RT    
      if(event_press(XB1_LT))   f_menu(UP_left_2 );
      if(event_press(XB1_LS))   f_menu(UP_left_1 );
      if(event_press(XB1_RS))   f_menu(UP_right_1);
      if(event_press(XB1_RT))   f_menu(UP_right_2);
      // Down menu        |
      //         X                  B                 
      //            LEFT       RIGHT               
      //                 DOWN 
      if(event_press(XB1_X))    f_menu(Down_left_1);
      if(event_press(XB1_LEFT)) f_menu(Down_left_2);
      if(event_press(XB1_DOWN)) f_menu(Down_centre);
      if(event_press(XB1_B))    f_menu(Down_right_2);
}// end of<main> block
combo menu_hold {
function f_menu ( numb ){
        if(numb== UP_left_2)   {x=  -85; y =  -85;}  // 
  else  if(numb== UP_left_1)   {x=  -40; y = -100;}  // 
  else  if(numb== UP_right_1)  {x=   40; y = -100;}  // 
  else  if(numb== UP_right_2)  {x=   85; y =  -85;}  // 
  else  if(numb== Down_left_1) {x= -100; y =   50;}  //  
  else  if(numb== Down_left_2) {x=  -75; y =   75;}  // t
  else  if(numb== Down_centre) {x=    0; y =  100;}  //  
  else  if(numb== Down_right_1){x=   65; y =   92;}  // 
  else  if(numb== Down_right_2){x=  100; y =   50;}  // 
function block_btns (){
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