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BO2/MW2 Ballista/Intervention Reload Cancel!

This is a reload cancel that will allow you to have a faster fire rate with the Bolt Action Sniper Rifles. This will make it so you can have a faster fire rate than most players.

To enable/disable the mod just hold the
Back button and then hit
"A" (for Xbox)
"X" (for PS)

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Version 1
Author CoryTwin
Publish Date 2016-09-30 12:39:30
Update Date 2017-04-16 19:53:48
Downloads 340



Release Notes: This has been tested and will most likely need no further updates
Code:Select all
/////  This is a reload cancel for the Intervention and Ballista Snipers  /////
//  As this mod will allow you to have a faster fire rate than most players  //
////////  Please subscribe to my YT.  /////////

int BReload_Cancel= TRUE;


 	if(event_press(XB1_A)) BReload_Cancel = !BReload_Cancel;
		if(BReload_Cancel) {
combo ReloadCancel {
	set_val(XB1_X, 100)
	set_val(XB1_X, 0)
	set_val(XB1_Y, 100);
	set_val(XB1_Y, 0);	
	set_val(XB1_Y, 100);
	set_val(XB1_Y, 0);	
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