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Battlefield 1: Rapidfire,Autoholdbreath,Autospot,HairTriggers

// Mods: Rapidfire,Autoholdbreath,Autospot,HairTriggers
// By default all mods are DISABLED
// TOGGLE mods ON/OFF:
// Rapid Fire = d-pad down + PS4_R2
// Auto Spot = d-pad down + PS4_R1
// Auto Hold Breath = d-pad down + PS4_L3
Version 0.1
Author WASD2
Publish Date 2017-08-10 01:51:04
Update Date 2017-08-10 01:51:04
Downloads 3106



Release Notes: first script
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// GPC Online Library
// Mods: Rapidfire,Autoholdbreath,Autospot,HairTriggers
// By default all mods are DISABLED
// TOGGLE mods ON/OFF:
// Rapid Fire = d-pad down + PS4_R2
// Auto Spot = d-pad down + PS4_R1
// Auto Hold Breath = d-pad down + PS4_L3

define UP           = PS4_UP;
define RIGHT        = PS4_RIGHT;
define LEFT         = PS4_LEFT;
define RT           = PS4_R2;
define LT           = PS4_L2;
define RX           = PS4_RX;                              
define RY           = PS4_RY;
define CROSS        = PS4_CROSS;
define CIRCLE       = PS4_CIRCLE;
define SQUARE       = PS4_SQUARE;
define LY           = PS4_LY;
define LX           = PS4_LX;
define L1           = PS4_L1;
define R3           = PS4_R3;
define R1           = PS4_R1;
define L3           = PS4_L3;
define R2           = PS4_R2;
define DOWN         = PS4_DOWN;
define L2           = PS4_L2;

int RapidFire              = FALSE;                    	// Press Down and R2 to enable or disable
int AutoHoldBreath         = FALSE; 					// Press Down and L3 to enable or disable
int AutoSpot               = FALSE;                   	// Press Down and R1 to enable or disable

int rest_time2;
int hold_time2;

int RAPIDFIRE              = 999;                     // Default: 999
int SpotSpeed              = 400;
int SpotHold               = 75;

init {

     hold_time2 = 500 / RAPIDFIRE;
     rest_time2 = hold_time2 - 10;
     if(rest_time2 < 0) rest_time2 = 1;


main {

// Hair Triggers 
if(get_val(R2)){ set_val(R2,100)} //} Hair
if(get_val(L2)){ set_val(L2,100)} //} Trigger

// Rapid fire main
if(get_val(DOWN) && event_press(R2)){
   RapidFire =! RapidFire;

// Autospot main
if(get_val(DOWN) && event_press(R1)){
   AutoSpot =! AutoSpot;

// AutoHoldBreath main
if(get_val(DOWN) && event_press(L3)){
   AutoHoldBreath =! AutoHoldBreath;
  		if((get_val(L2)) >= 80) {                                                
      	set_val(L3, 100); 



combo AutoSpot {
      set_val(R1, 100); 
      set_val(R1, 0);

combo RapidFire {
      set_val(R2, 100);
      set_val(R2, 0);
      set_val(R2, 0)
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