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GT Sport Dial Reducer, Button swapper and Break stretcher - Logitech G27

Original script by Picklock

For fixing the oversensetive dial + - for mapping fuel, TCS and break bias during races.
Also swapped R4 and R5 so top is + and bottom is -
So by pressing button + or - for 0.5sec it wil step 1 every 0.5 sec, short presses do not register so its required to hold for 0.5 to work well.

Also makes Break Pedal use full extent instead of 60% like erlier.
Version 1
Author frodrick
Publish Date 2017-11-07 05:18:57
Update Date 2017-11-07 05:18:57
Downloads 820



Release Notes: First all in 1 release
Code:Select all
// Posted by Picklock, with modifications by frodrick, a member of the community in the CronusMAX Forums - 

// GT Sport Dial Reducer, Button swapper and Break stretcher - Logitech G27

main {

// Buttonswap so R4 becomes + and G5 becomes - dial
    swap(G27_R4, G27_R5);
//Stretching out brake pedal to 100%
            set_val(G27_BRAKE, ((get_val(G27_BRAKE) * 6) / 10));
//Reducing sensitivity of Dial Positive input
//Reducing sensitivity of Dial Negative input

combo Dial_Plus {
	set_val(G27_R4, (get_val(G27_R4) * 0));

combo Dial_Minus {
	set_val(G27_R5, (get_val(G27_R5) * 0));
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