MK vs DCU 50 Kombo Challenges – DCU Pack #2 Released

We give you the fourth in a series of exclusive CronusMAX GamePacks which will perform all 220 Kombo Challenges for the Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Game! For clearing out 10 challenges from a single character you get an achievement with a bonus achievement after completing all challenges. For many this is the most grueling part of the game. As always, CronusMAX has your back.

It has taken many, many hours to produce this pack. When it first started out, we could only fit 5 kombo challenges into a pack. Clearly, we weren’t happy with this and you certainly do not want these split into 50+ GamePacks! So our own GamePack Master Chief, KittyDawn pretty much shut himself away in a dark room until his eyes started to burn out of his skull!

This has been a much requested code set for some time, especially for a group of guys over at the Viking 360 community so we are happy to bring this to you as a first.

This pack covers all 50 Kombo Challenges for the first 5 DCU Characters in the roster. Everything is completely automated so just sit back and watch it rock! All Kombo Challenges #1 – #10 are performed for the following 5 DCU Characters:

User Guide Online Now:

A very special thanks to KittyDawn for once again spending hours and hours of gameplay to deliver an unbeatable set of MODS for the CronusMAX Community

Now Available in Cronus Pro:

Classes Available In The MK vs DCU 50 Kombo Challenges – DCU Pack #2 GamePack:

A GamePack gives you the functionality of a fully modded controller without the need to install chips or solder wires. Simply load a GamePack onto your CronusMAX PLUS, configure it to your own preferred settings with an easy to use interface and you’re ready to go. This innovative new technology isn’t available anywhere else on the market. With a full selection of MODS at your fingertips, the CronusMAX PLUS is perfect for the gamer looking to add that extra edge.



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