Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Script Game Interface!

CronusMAX scripting legend Excalibur has created a brand new S.G.I. Tool (Scripting Game Interface) for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – and it is the most explosive set of Mod tools ever created for this game and there’s simply way too many to fit into a single GamePack.

S.G.I. is a new system of creating scripts which makes it a lot more flexible and easier to manage than GamePacks giving you complete control over which Mods you’d like to include with full control over the mapping and tuning of each Mod, complete with the full source code so you can share your scripts with the community and fine tune so that they are as accurate to your own personal experience as possible.

A selection of Mods available include Custom Button Layouts, Rapid Fire (Primary & Secondary), Drop Shot, Jump Shot, Side Shot, Scope Shot, Hold Breath, Toggle ADS, Anti-Recoil, Tact Jitter, Alt Jitter, Quick Scope, Sniper Scope, Slide Reload, Akimbo with Dual Easy, Always Run, Aim Assist, Long Jump, Special Ability & More.

You will find complete instructions and support for this tool given directly by the author, Excalibur – on the CronusMAX Community Forums.

Click Here For Full Instructions & Support:…nterface-S-G-I

A very special thanks to the very popular CronusMAX Community Staff Member, Excalibur.




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