Cronus PRO v1.12 and CronusMAX PLUS v1.22 Firmware Update

The Call of Duty® World League were presented with some challenges as their tournaments are exclusively PS4 and all controllers are Bluetooth. One huge room, a couple hundred controllers – as you can imagine, it wasn’t pretty.

We were approached to help solve this problem because one of the unique abilities of the CronusMAX PLUS, is that it can fully bypass the Bluetooth of a DualShock 4 and connect a stock wireless controller as wired, via a USB cable. As this feature was not currently available from Sony®, the CronusMAX PLUS was the perfect solution to make sure the events could still take place without any problems.

However, after the first couple of tournaments a number of Pro Players complained of minor to severe lag. We attributed this to the fact that many of the devices hadn’t been configured correctly for the PS4, that some were setup different than others. This would account for the variations in lag experience – however there really shouldn’t have been any lag at all. We’ve had Cronus in Pro Tournaments before (for example Comic Con 2015 in London had a great MKX event – all the Xbox One’s had a CronusMAX and the Pro’s loved it). Given the amount of feedback we were receiving, and somewhat brutal pushback from various social media channels, we couldn’t ignore that there had to be a problem. So we have spent the last couple of weeks on the workbench, liaising with Activision® to make sure they knew that the Pro Players voices had been heard and we were doing everything in our power to first find the problem and then to solve it – before the Call of Duty® XP 2016 Championships started on September 2nd.

After a thousand cups of coffee, we discovered a remarkably obscure anomaly in the code that did indeed cause a very small but noticeable amount of lag, at random times and at random lengths. It’s testament to how good these Pro Players actually are that after all this time it went unnoticed, because the second they played it was spotted instantly.

The speed of the controller will now match the console 1:1. It’s been tested by many Pro Players via Activision® and they unanimously agree that the problem has been 100% solved. This really was a tough problem folks, however we do appreciate the good amount of constructive feedback that we received from the Pro Community (even though some of it was brutal!) We’re happy that we managed to nail this one in time for Champs – hopefully you guys are happy too as it will benefit ALL CronusMAX users. Some comments from the Pro Players who on the beta test program….

“This is 100% better, feels like there’s no CronusMax plugged in which is the main goal!”

“Definitely feels a lot better if any delay at all. Thank you.”

“Only used these settings in a FFA and feel much much Better”

“Feels a lot better good job”

“These settings definitely feel a lot better than before.”

“I wouldn’t even know the Cronus was being used – amazing difference!”

If the CronusMAX PLUS is good enough for the Pro Gamers at the World Championships, it’s good enough for all gamers.

We also rolled in a bunch of other new features and fixes into this release including adding Logitech Driving Force GT support to the PS4 Wheel Edition – with full Force Feedback Support.

I would also like to reiterate, after seeing some comments on social media channels, when in Tournament Mode, it is 100% impossible to use any mods or scripts to gain any kind of advantage. The CronusMAX PLUS is being provided and configured by the event organizers and will display the letter ‘t’ on the LCD screen to indicate that it is in Tournament Mode.
Click Here to download Cronus PRO v1.12

CronusMAX PLUS Firmware v1.22 Changes:

Cronus PRO v1.12 Changes:

  • Added Logitech Driving Force GT support to PS4 Wheel Edition Mode – includes Force Feedback and Pedals.
  • Added support for Logitech Driving Force GT labels in the Device Monitor/Compiler.
  • Added support for syntax highlighting for the Logitech wheels we support to the code editor.
  • Fixed a possible crash when attempting to view the instructions for a GamePack that didn’t actually have an instruction to view.
  • Direct Input Fixes in X-AIM for various controllers.
  • Logitech Racing Wheel Pedals fixed in X-AIM – no longer binded.
  • Fixed Remaps where Xbox 360 was set as the output.
  • Xbox One Elite Paddle labels now highlight in Device Monitor.
  • Filename no longer forces to “Cronus.exe”.
  • X-AIM is now forced to be the top most window which fixes focus drop out issues that some users were having, along with a full screen overlay which can be adjusted with a variable in X-Aim.cfg (OverlayOpacity=75) – 100 being Black.
  • Device Options Speed Up Settings Hover Descriptions updated (Inframe Out no longer Experimental and recommended for all controllers, as well as Inframe In and 1ms)
  • DS4 BT Boost is now solely for BlueTooth/Wireless. It can be disabled when using a USB cable.
  • All links and references to cronusmax have now being changed to cronusmax

As an extra bonus, the Logitech G920 beta code was added too, however at this time there is no Force Feedback support and it’s not been tested a great deal – but feel free to have a play and post feedback to the forums.

Click Here to download Cronus PRO v1.12

Best of luck to everyone at Call of Duty®: COD XP 2016!

Call of Duty XP 2016

The Forum, Inglewood, CA – September 2nd – 4th 2016 – Buy Tickets From TicketMaster

Please Note: All attendees must be 18 years of age no later than Friday, September 2nd, 2016.

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