Cronus PRO v1.20 BETA 10

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and great time over the holidays. It may have seemed a little quiet at CronusMAX HQ but there’s been quite a lot of development work going on behind the scenes in preparation for the new year. We hope to share lot’s of goodies with you over the coming months!

Today, we’re releasing a new version of the Cronus PRO BETA which has had many updates and fixes. We feel this is very close now to a release candidate so if you are running v1.12 we recommend you give this version a go.

This new version is also rid of the C++ 2010/2015 dependency (we no longer need C++) which, as a result should lead to less issues for people running Cronus PRO on a new PC (some of you may have had problems starting Cronus PRO without manually installing the C++ 2015 Redistributable x86 package). This is no longer going to be an issue.

While we re-wrote the compiler we also added several new features to it, mainly to make it easier for those familiar with programming in other languages such as C, C++, C# etc. to have things they’re used to having such as “variable++” which is the equivalent of doing “variable = variable + 1”. We find ourselves wanting this all the time, so we’ve implemented it 🙂

However as always with a beta, you may find bugs, so we will be relying on you to report any issues to us in this dedicated forum.

Users who have had issues after upgrading to Firmware v1.23 (Device Disconnecting, Stuck in Programming Mode etc) – Use this Beta to downgrade to v1.22 then upgrade to v1.23 again and that should fix the problem.

Changes since v1.20 Beta 9

  • Fixed some issues with arrays (they should now be working correctly everywhere)
  • Added support for 2 new types of loops: “for” and “do while”, they’re defined like follows:

  • Added a bunch of keywords you can no longer use in your scripts; “const”, “byte”, “char”, “sizeof”, “do” and “for”, the first 4 are used in constructs i’m not ready to document/explain just yet, just don’t use these words as-is and you should be good (they can be used within variable names etc, just not as a specific name)
  • Fixed a bunch of issues with the bit operation functions, they weren’t being handled correctly, they are now 🙂
  • Corrected the precedence rules, they’re as follows: (the higher the operator, the higher it’s value is treated in the compiler)
    • variables, constants, function calls and anything within ( )’s (this is how you clarify what you want to the compiler, if you don’t these rules apply)
    • !, ++, —
    • *, /, %
    • +, –
    • <, <=, >, >=
    • ==, !=
    • &&
    • ^^
    • ||
    • =, +=, -=, *=, %=, /=

For a full list of changes since 1.12 check out the release thread for

1.20 Beta 6:…RO-1-20-Beta-6
1.20 Beta 7:…RO-1-20-Beta-7
1.20 Beta 8:…RO-1-20-Beta-8
1.20 Beta 9:…RO-1-20-Beta-9

Please post any bugs your encounter in this support topic so we can fix them…

This beta can only be used for 30 days after it has been released, meaning it’ll stop working after February 17

You can download it here:



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