Cronus PRO v1.20 BETA 8

The Cronus PRO v1.20 BETA has been updated to BETA 8. Here are the changes since v1.20 BETA 7:

  • Fixed some issues with if, else if and else causing incorrect jumps to happen which could potentially cause the VM to crash due to a never ending loop.
  • Added a missing name check for variables, it was possible to declare variables with the same name as constants (both built in and user constants), later on in the script the constant would be prioritized over the variable where applicable (you could give the variable a value but never actually use it directly).

Please post any bugs your encounter in this support topic so we can fix them…

This beta can only be used for 30 days after it has been released, meaning it’ll stop working after December 10

You can download it here:



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