Cronus PRO v1.21 BETA 1 Released!

Cronus PRO BETA is the pre-release build of Cronus PRO that is made available to the public so that users can test out a whole range of new features and fixes and give feedback to help fix bugs before it is released as a final version.

After several months of work we are happy to finally reveal the first public Beta of Cronus PRO v1.21. There have been MANY improvements, fixes and performance tweaks under the hood for casual users through to hardcore scripters.

As always with a beta, you may find bugs, so we will be relying on you to report any issues to us in this dedicated forum.

Changes since v1.20

  • Replaced X-Input code with our own custom code, fixing this year’s long Microsoft bug and making the Guide button FINALLY work in X-Aim. It’s mapped to button 10, this should also fix rumble issues you may have experienced in the past (lagging rumble for example).
  • Added a menu item in X-Aim shown by pressing Ctrl + F12 which displays what version of X-Input is being used (1.3 is required for the guide button to work, but it can fall back to 1.4 and 9.1.0 too).
  • Added a customizable rumble timing for X-Input to allow you to tune it to your needs if needed (making it less frequent with updates may fix lag issues).
  • Fixed issue causing some users to have crashes during startup such as when there’s a permissions problem in the registry.
  • Fixed interpreter issue related to how indexed arrays worked (when using a variable).
  • Fixed issue causing false warnings to show up when using the new “for (…) { … }” construct.
  • Fixed issue causing false warnings to show up when returning from a user function.
  • Fixed issue causing the parser to crash when trying to parse very large numbers (beyond the normal range, it now gives you a warning regarding this issue instead of silently crashing).
  • Fixed issue causing the compiler to silently crash when attempting to compile scripts that had constant math containing a 0 in the right side of the definition.
  • Fixed issue causing ps4_touchpad to not be compiled correctly.
  • Fixed issue causing X-Aim specific scripts to not be possible to upload to the online library.
  • Fixed issue causing a exception to be thrown when attempting to fetch the script on unsupported systems (Windows Vista).
  • Added support for 2 new combo constructs “combo_suspend” and “combo_suspended”, the first one essentially just “Pause” a combo (make it stop running but not reset it) and the second checks if it is in this “Paused” state.
  • Added support for setting a delay on bootloader packets which may help with corruption issues while writing GamePacks/Scripts.
  • Enabled compiler optimizations – This means that your scripts will be smaller than they otherwise would’ve been because the compiler attempts to be smart and help you by not adding unused variables, unused functions, unused combo’s etc. and it allocates the variables all at once rather than all combo’s and arrays as chunks and each individual variable as a separate opcode.
  • Fixed a problem with the compiler causing it to bail out on first error (including bytecode size) giving you false hope that there’s just 1 more byte to shave off… (it now compiles until first major error then tells you the size problems after it’s been fully compiled).
  • Fixed a bug causing “XB360_BACK” to not be highlighted properly.
  • Changed InFrameIn to be disabled by default.
  • Fixed a typo in “Downloading SW v… please wait.”
  • Updated Copyright information.
  • Updated About window to fit all version information.

For a full list of changes check out these release topics:

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1.20 Beta 7:…RO-1-20-Beta-7
1.20 Beta 8:…RO-1-20-Beta-8
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1.20 Beta 10:…RO-1-20-Beta-10
1.20 Beta 11:…RO-1-20-Beta-11
1.20 Beta 12:…RO-1-20-Beta-12

Please post any bugs you encounter in this support topic so we can fix them…

You can download it here:



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