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Cronus PRO Logo Cronus PRO is the main software used for programming, updating and configuring your CronusMAX PLUS device. It gives you access to everything including Gamepacks, Plugins, Script Sharing, Button Remapping, Macro/Combo Capturing, Keyboard & Mouse Configuration and so on. The plugin interface provides an array of addons and features, such as the X-AIM plugin which gives you the ability to use a keyboard and mouse on your console with unparalleled precision, and also the ability via emulation using Direct Input on your PC, to add more complex controllers such as Racing Wheels (e.g Fanetec or Logitech G27 wheels) or even specialized controllers such as the Delta Six Gun.

Cronus PRO is an extremely powerful tool designed for beginners through to advanced users, making controller customization (rapidfire, quick scope, button remapping, macros, combos, etc…) accessible to everyone without requiring advanced skills or having to buy expensive controllers.

Users who have no experience in programming can use our exclusive GamePacks, which are ready to use scripts designed for specific games and functionality by our team of professional gamers. Furthermore Cronus PRO also has an interface for viewing and downloading scripts from our live online database which is constantly updated and maintained by our huge community.

The Programmer panel empowers easy access to all GamePacks, Scripts, Remapping Profiles and GPC Files, so you can program any combination of those into the CronusMAX PLUS memory slots.

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