Cross Over no longer working on Xbox One after update?

Yesterday’s 6.2.12998.0 Xbox One system update by Microsoft introduced many updates and fixes including and undocumented fix of reducing issues people were having with wireless controller connections.

Unfortunately this inadvertently disabled the authentication from working with the CronusMAX, but don’t worry we already discovered this issue during the beta (preview program) phase of the update and released the fix to our support forums and updated the CronusMAX Manual last week as a preemptive strike. As many don’t seem to like to read manuals these days we’re getting a lot of worried folks calling and emailing so we figured a news post may help out too 🙂

This system update now gives the wireless protocols priority over a wired USB connection. So if you try to authenticate with an Xbox One controller while the batteries are left in (it is still powered when you unplug it from the CronusMAX) it will reconnect over wireless and prevent the CronusMAX from operating.

So, to prevent this from happening, you simply need to remove any batteries from your Xbox One controller before authenticating. That’s it.

Easy 🙂



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