Destiny Alternative GamePack Update v1.6

In response to community requests, I have re-coded this pack and managed to squeeze some extra functions in to it. As always, we not only create new GamePacks but we continue to update and improve our ever expanding roster of packs that are exclusive only to the CronusMAX 🙂

If you have the fusion or Suros rifle mode enabled, they will be automatically disabled when you change weapons now. The pain of remembering to press the D-Pad to manually disable them has gone 🙂
Also, for users who have the button/triggers swapped, you now adjust the timing for Class 4 (Rapidfire) with the triggers when in the GamePack menu system.


Changelog v1.6
– Fusion and Suros Rifle mods are automatically disabled when changing weapons
– Fixed bug when adjusting Class 4 in the gamepack menu if using a layout with the bumpers/triggers swapped



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