It’s simple to get started! Just follow these three easy steps:

1. Download the Cronus PRO Windows software

The Cronus PRO software is the central brain that organizes everything on your CronusMAX PLUS. It can also run on a MAC (click here for info).

2. Connect CronusMAX PLUS to your computer

Connect using the Mini-USB cable provided with the CronusMAX PLUS. Read the manual, then apply your settings and load scripts/gamepacks.

3. Join our community to get the best out of your CronusMAX.

It’s free to join our huge Community with 1000s of CronusMAX users. Get support direct from the developers or share scripts for the latest games.

Cronus PRO

Cronus PRO is the main software for programming, updating and configuring the new CronusMAX PLUS. It gives you access to everything including CronusMAX PLUS Settings (including Bluetooth Configuration, PS4/PS3 Authentication, Xbox One/Xbox 360 Authentication, Firmware Updates, Tournament Mode, USB Speed Settings etc) Exclusive GamePacks, Scripts, Button Remapping, Macro/Combo Capturing, Plugins and more!


Version 1.21
Release Date 24 May 2018
File Size: 13.3 MB
Device Compatibility CronusMAX PLUS
System Compatibility Win10, Win8.1, Win8, Win7 SP2 (Minimum Win7 SP2)
Number of Downloads: 731,905
IMPORTANT: Follow these instructions for installing Cronus Pro and updating the CronusMAX PLUS Firmware click here. If you have problems downloading it is because your Anti-Virus software has triggered a false positive due to the encryption algorithm we use. This happens with the Windows 10 built in AV “Defender” which we highly recommend you disable anyway (use the NODEFENDER tool to do it properly). Also BitDefender, Avast and McAfee cause problems too. Do not worry about these false flags, our software is completely safe.



Cronus Scrubber

This tool completely wipes any old Cronus software installs/files from your computer that may be causing any problems. If you are looking to setup a clean, fresh install of Cronus Pro – always run this first.

Version 1.30
Release Date 30 April 2016
File Size: 57.2 KB
System Compatibility Win10, Win8.1, Win8, Win7
Number of Downloads: 60,053
Once you have run this tool, download a fresh copy of the Cronus Pro software and re-install.
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