Far Cry 4 GamePack now available!

Far Cry 4 GamePack is now available for all CronusMAX owners! The GamePack offers 13 exclusive MOD Classes including Rapid Fire, Burst Fire, Auto Sprint, Vehicle Mode Rapid Fire, Vehicle Mode Burst Fire, Auto Grapple Climb, Anti-Recoil, Auto Hold Breath and many in-game shortcut options.

FarCry 4 GamePack for CronusMAX

A CronusMAX GamePack gives you the functionality of a fully modded controller without the need to install chips or solder wires – with the added advantage of being able to stay ahead with the very latest updates! Just load a GamePack into one of the 9 available memory slots of the CronusMAX and you are ready to go. This innovative new technology isn’t available anywhere else on the market. With a full selection of MODS at your fingertips, the CronusMAX is perfect for the gamer looking to add that extra edge.



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