Fortnite – Dynasens Edition GamePack

Dynamic Sensitivity + Smart Mods + Fortnite = Pwnage

The Fortnite – DynaSens Edition GamePack is based on the amazingly popular Smart Aim Edition GamePack, which has the very latest set of Mods for Fortnite, built from the ground up utilizing the powerful new Speed Toggle & MOD Menu System.

The GamePack includes brand new ‘Smart Mods’ developed by GPC Expert Batts – Smart Anti-Recoil, Smart Aim Assist & Smart Aim Abuse. These new ‘Smart Mods’ are all linked to your actual in-game settings, and when used collectively this is the most potent target tracking mod you’ll ever see for Fortnite – the closest to an Aimbot you will find anywhere.

This new Smart Aim Technology “learns” by listening to feedback from the rumble motor and right analog stick, then adjusts the settings accordingly using a series of algorithms so that you’re automatically getting the most optimum settings in real-time!

Dynamic Sensitivity (or DynaSens) is an added advanced feature designed for more skilled Cronus users. It allows you to set a lower than normal ADS Sensitivity setting, which dramatically improves fine-aim and increases the tracking of Aim Abuse. The GamePack achieves this by monitoring all Right Stick input, so while RS is at or near idle, it will use your chosen value. As Right Stick input increases, Dynamic Sensitivity increases the sensitivity settings up to the custom Maximum Sensitivity setting.

Other features include Rapid Fire, Strafe Shot, Drop Shot (can be used individually or at the same time – see ‘The Funky Chicken‘ at the end of this guide), Bumper/Trigger Swap, Hair Triggers, and Fortnite Build Mode – as well as the new Dynamic Smart Shot feature – exclusive only to Cronus. All the different default button layouts are also supported, including Combat Pro, Builder Pro, Quick Builder, and Old School.
You’re also invited to join the exclusive Cronus Discord Channel, which is run by dedicated members of the Cronus Community to help give support and feedback to the most popular GamePacks. There are several channels dedicated to Fortnite and other games with great modding work going on there. Here’s an exclusive invite, just for Cronus users:

As always, Cronus brings you the world’s best video game mods!

Click Here for this GamePack’s Instruction Manual. The Fortnite Smart Aim GamePack Support Topic is also featured in the Cronus Community, where there are additional instructions, videos, tips, and extra support directly from the developers.

Above all, many thanks to Batts for his tireless dedication to the Cronus Community. Also, huge thanks to ‘LegitCloudzzz‘ for his exceptional support and contributions.

Now Available In Cronus Pro:

Fortnite DynaSens GamePack for Cronus


WHAT IS A GAMEPACK? A GamePack gives the full functionality of a modded controller. Choose your game and drag it to a Cronus Device memory slot using our software. After that, select which mods you want to use, including any custom settings and away you go!

In short, with a massive selection of Mods at your fingertips, the CronusMAX PLUS is perfect for any gamer looking to add an extra edge.

Setting up a GamePack is easy!

Select the game of your choice from the Cronus Software, drag and drop to a free memory slot on your Cronus device, enable the mods you wish to use, choose your preferred settings, and GO!



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