Fortnite Insta-Build GamePack v1.6 Update

Introducing the latest Fortnite Insta-Build GamePack v1.6 update.

Version 1.6 is a a minor bug fix release.

Fortnite Insta-Build GamePack also includes mods such as Rapid Fire, Aim Assist v2 & v3, Aim Abuse, Pump SMG, Drop Shot, Anti-Recoil & Easy Run and Insta-Build for Builder pro layout. Guaranteed to not only improving your overall gameplay experience, but also giving you a competitive edge by allowing you to manipulate your controller output to achieve maximum results.

Fortnite GamePack Video Demo:


We spend a great deal of time fine tuning our GamePacks to be as accurate as possible – you won’t find better anywhere on the market!

The support topic for this GamePack can be found here where you will find extensive instructions, videos, tips and extra support – be sure to post any feedback including bug reports to help us maintain these packs as much as possible. Remember, we rely on you as part of the CronusMAX community to help us deliver what YOU want.

A very special thanks to Excalibur and WalterHMartinez for spending hours and hours of gameplay to deliver an unbeatable set of Fortnite mods for the CronusMAX Community.


Version 1.6:

  • Fixed: Bug where turning on the Edit Mod the Insta-Build Mod stayed on too
  • Updated: Aim Assist v2 values

Version 1.5:

  • Added: New and improved Rapid Fire
  • Added: Option to choose between Aim Assist v2 and Aim Assist v3
  • Added: Pump SMG can now be reset by pressing L1(LB) instead of LT(L2)+LB(L1)
  • Removed: Double Burst
  • Fixed: Issue where Aim Assist v3 would pull the screen to one direction
  • Fixed: Small right analog stick correction
  • Fixed: Bug when Auto Drop is activated and trying to Ramp
  • Updated: Default config values

Version 1.4:

  • Fixed: Issue where editing buildings will bring ON insta-build

Version 1.3:

  • Fixed: Removed Rumble for ON/OFF Build Mod
  • Fixed issue where pressing R2(RT) to confirm editing would bring ‘desktop’
  • Changed button combination for ON/OFF Gamepack – now it is hold SHARE(VIEW) and press PS(XBOX)

Version 1.2:

  • Fixed: Bug where holding L2(LT) and pressing R1(RB)/L1(LB) caused a change of weapon
  • Added: Rumble notification when Build mod is ON/OFF
  • Added: LED color identification when Build Mod is ON – LED color blink Yellow.

Version 1.1:

  • Added: Pressing L2(LT) and DOWN will turn off ALL mods except for Aim Abuse and Aim Assist
  • Added: option to have Advanced Jitter with or without Jump feature
  • Added: Activating Rapid Fire will turn off Double Tact/Pump, Advanced Jitter and Ghost Peek
  • Added: Activating Ghost peek will turn off Double Tact/Pump, Advanced Jitter and Rapid Fire
  • Added: Activating Double Tact/Pump will turn off Ghost Peek, Advanced Jitter and Rapid Fire
  • Added: Activating Advanced Jitter will turn off Rapid Fire and Ghost peek
  • Added: Pressing L2(LT) and UP will activate Ghost Peek WITHOUT Aim Abuse
  • Hold L2(LT) and R2(RT) for Auto Fire
  • Hold L2(Lt and Tap R1(RB) for Single Fire
  • Added: Pressing L2(LT) and Triangle(Y) will activate Ghost peek WITH Aim Abuse
  • Hold L2(LT) and Tap R1(RB) for Single Fire
  • Fixed: Bug where pressing Circle(B) would turn off mods (Only Double Tact/Pump will turn off now)
  • Fixed: Updated default values
  • Fixed: Ghost Peek bug

Version 1.0:

  • First Release.

Now Available In Cronus Pro:

Fortnite Insta-Build GamePack


How to Load & Configure GamePacks Video Guide:

IMPORTANT: A GamePack gives you the functionality of a fully modded controller without the need to install chips or solder wires. Simply load a GamePack onto your CronusMAX PLUS, configure it to your own preferred settings with an easy to use interface and you’re ready to go. With a full selection of MODS at your fingertips, the CronusMAX PLUS is perfect for the gamer looking to add that extra edge.



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