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  1. CronusMAX Macro Programming Explained
  2. Diablo 3 & Battlefield 4 Modpacks In Production
  3. Macro question
  4. Splinter Cell Blacklist SvM Mods?
  5. Tiger woods mod pack
  6. Macro
  7. Turbo MAX mod pack
  8. compiler script
  9. Dropshot mod
  10. Alternate macro combo
  11. SCRIPT for 1/4 CIRCLE to the right (45 degrees)
  12. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  13. Dualshock 3 on PS4?
  14. Auto Aim-Mod
  15. Turbo Max Configuring
  16. Custom BF3 Controls and Red Dead Redemtion Custom Dead Eye activation on ps3?
  17. Xbox 360 controller sticks on PS3 ? + backwards compatibility?
  18. Need help creating script for BF3 vehicle drive controls for land and water vehicles
  19. Charts of Mod Packs?
  20. AutoHit script with limited duration
  21. How to disable DS4 LED script
  22. [DS4] Use the TouchPad for more buttons
  23. Right Analog Stick To Mimic Left Analog Stick
  24. Anolog run or auto run script
  25. Modpacks use with mouse/keyboard
  26. Issue with Modpack selected on device w/ mods turned on
  27. A ? About Remapping and the bf4 4 mod pack
  28. DS4 Modpack Button Assignments
  29. Scripts for Battlefield 4
  30. Macro & Script Programming for noobs
  31. Battlefield 4 modpack on XBOXONE
  32. Increase Mouse DPI if Xb1 LT and Decrease if not
  33. Xbox One: move stick two times result in sprint?
  34. countdown to load slot
  35. Download my new GPC: GTA V - Cheat Code Inputter
  36. New to the CronusMAX and programing
  37. Help with COD Ghosts script for M+KB
  38. Generate GPC Scripts
  39. MaxAim and changing profiles on-the-fly
  40. MaxAim double bind a button? (Solved)
  41. Is there Looping Statements (for, while and do...while)?
  42. Street Fighter 2 GPC Script zsnes
  43. How do I receive a rumble command from the Xbox One?
  44. How to figure out the direction you move the player ?
  45. Please help or update Wiimote plugins
  46. Implementation of the combo as many times as the value of the variable
  47. ModPack Menu not showing up! Everything else is done correctly still no modpack menu!
  48. Mapping buttons?
  49. quickscope
  50. Script help needed
  51. Autospot in BF4
  52. Cronus Pro script length
  53. Simple script help please
  54. What is the value of X and Y coordinates of the right stick in the middle of the top?
  55. scripting
  56. mods on each class on Black Ops 2
  57. [PS3][Xbox360][XboxOne] [PC] vidéo script CoD for wiimote on PS3 Xbox360 XboxOne Pc
  58. 3rd led doesnt blink ...needd some help
  59. Vidéo CoD for wiimote on PS3 / possible Xbox360 XboxOne Pc
  60. xbox one GamePack's support.
  61. How to not repeat a script while Xbox RT is held?
  62. Coding Help?
  63. how do you get the call of duty ghosts pack to work.
  64. Quick question about auto sniper? not working...
  65. Print/Display get_rumble value?
  66. video on how to use installed game packs?
  67. looking for script for xbox360 to x1 call of duty ghosts. thanks.
  68. Deadzone not changing! Am I not using it right?
  69. cronusmax connected to laptop and xbox360 at the same time for script writing
  70. Drop shot, Jump shot, Slide shot, Rapid shooting?
  71. mortal kombat combo scripts
  73. Possible to SET sensitivity with event_release rather than get_val?
  74. BLOCK_RUMBLE Code no longer works with 1.42
  75. Remapped buttons plus rapid fire?
  76. Is it possible to use gpc scrips for PC gaming?
  78. Quick Scoping not working - COD Ghost
  79. changing acceleration
  80. sniper elite v2 (xbox) in the future?
  81. Just a bit of help with scripting
  82. COD Ghosts Modpack - Xbox One rapidfire no longer working
  83. COD ghost script
  84. script bf4 xbox360 (bunny Hop) et (auto Switch)
  85. Macro and Scripting Help Please
  86. combining scripts?
  87. Help with a Killer Instinct Script
  88. Dualshock 4 Touchpad Gesture Macros
  89. Call of Duty Ghosts Reload Mod Not Working
  90. Min and max speed in rapidfire?
  91. Battlefiel4 Script Possible?
  92. GamePacks issue
  93. Max ReMapper
  94. Enable/Disable script
  95. Do i need to leave my controller wired in order to use gamepacks?
  96. Yet another question
  97. How it works 'CEMU_EXTRA' or Extra inputs?
  98. adjusting aim down sight speed bf4 xbox one.
  99. COD Ghost Script Help
  100. Is it possible to make a double click?
  101. Auto-Run in Don't Starve
  102. Problems enabling gamepack using 1st gen wired 360 controller on 360
  103. Burst mode ?
  104. DUST 514, any tips on proramming?
  105. Can someone tell me ??
  106. Help with a couple scripts
  107. Noob Question
  108. Toggle Help
  109. Help making a macro
  110. Combo "wait" questions
  111. Double click does not work in MaxAim - I do not understand why? Solved!
  112. Round to nearest whole number?
  113. Single button, 2 different actions?
  114. Only Spot when ADS Active - BF4
  115. Please suggest how to counteract the recoil? CALL of DUTY GHOSTS
  116. Using scripts?
  117. Rapid Fire in Batlefield 4
  118. Quick question about Combos while having buttons remapped
  119. Need Help with Toggle Hold
  120. BF4 Laser on/off while w/ Rapidfire.
  121. ps4 dim led ?
  122. Noob script question
  124. Cant get this to work.. Help?
  125. run combo depending on character variable
  126. Need help with autospot script
  127. Using Direct API, can't get past gcapi_IsConnected()
  128. killer instinct xbox one
  129. BF4, double mapped key / autorun
  130. BF4 Mad Pack - Autospot Suggestion
  131. too much conflict script
  132. mix gamepacks with scripts
  133. Auto breath and quick scope
  134. Sensitivity adjustment
  135. Battlefield 4 Modpack Functions Explained XBone
  136. Any scripts for power star golf?
  137. DPad Alternative = PS4 Touchpad Tracing?
  138. NEED HELP with a script! rapidfire and rapidjump
  139. Help needed with this script On/off option
  140. Request: Auto Spot Options for Battlefield 4
  141. Triple burst script help
  142. Turbo Knife Script
  143. Putting together a step-by-step scripting walkthrough - need your input
  144. How to change the Input Game-pad with the one that we want?
  145. Request: User-created modpacks
  146. can i swap r1/l1 with r2/l2 on bf4
  147. Map Pack and Remapped Controller
  148. PS4 Controller Input Question
  149. Change LED based on remaining battery power?
  150. GPC unmapped Button not accessible from Code
  151. XBOX One - Killer Instinct - Jago - God Like Combo - 34 hit 80% Damage !
  152. Putting coding within other coding?
  153. XBOX One - Killer Instinct - Orchid - Double Ultra Combo - 74 hits
  154. Trying to Disable Rumble on Xbox One Controller
  155. help with bf4 auto breath
  156. Can someone help me please?
  157. Looking for help with Madden 25
  158. M+K GPC script double-tap to run - Help
  159. Help With Rapid Fire
  160. Need Auto Sprint for BF4 and COD Ghosts on X1
  161. is this possible?
  162. Halo?
  163. My first original script - Analog sticks to "digital"
  164. Can Someone help me make this custom script?
  165. Mod Packs
  166. XB1 Bf4 Gun Recoil Pack
  167. RAPIDFIRE on off help
  168. BF4 Autospot when running/ADS only help.
  169. Can I use modpacks on PC?
  170. Tiger Woods Game Pack Question
  171. Bug in CoD Gost GamePack V1.2
  172. get_ptime( ) and analog stick movement
  173. Universal Button
  174. API through DLL memory leak
  175. GamePack SourceCode in Cronus Pro
  177. Simple way to put in scripts
  178. Problem using X360 on XONE
  179. How do I assign more than one button?
  180. Block code help
  181. Remapping with BF4 mod question.
  182. Street fighter mod pack for trials?
  183. Curious about kb/m support and gamepacks at same time on X1?
  184. Request for Macros/Scripts for these games
  185. Mods: Shorcut to convert from LT/Rt etc in scripting
  186. Combo Magik Multiple button problem
  187. Bug in BF4 gamepack
  188. ds4 maxremapper?
  189. Modpacks BF4 use with mouse/keyboard
  190. Simple error has me scratching my head.
  191. BF4 Auto Jump Script
  192. Cronusmax Rapid Fire Setup Guide for the Xbox One
  193. BF4 Commo Rose Script wanted. Xbox360
  194. Need BF4 Rapid Fire Script on ps3 for only when switching to pistol.
  195. Need BF4 Rapid Fire Script on ps3 for only when switching to pistol.
  196. Need BF4 Rapid Fire Script on ps3 for only when switching to pistol.
  197. Anolog Stick to D-Pad and Vice Versa
  198. How about an improved GameREC plugin?
  199. PS3 Rapid Fire enable/disable Help
  200. Need quick burst fire for BF4 Xbox One Please :)
  201. ps3 keyboard touchpad
  202. Question about the "Generic Anti-Recoil Script" .
  203. Lock stick position
  204. Small bug in the BF4 Gamepack
  205. Quick question - How would I code a toggle for inverting y axis of a stick?
  206. Simple LED Question
  207. Script Error Help
  208. Need fully completed script please.
  209. Need Help...UGH
  210. Laggy RapidFire Problem
  211. BF4/XBOX 1- Infantry, Vehicle, ADS Sensitive, Autospot, Rapidfire Script
  212. BF4 Adjustable anti recoil script? XBOX360
  213. General tips or tricks on making large scripts smaller?
  214. Use 2 scripts together - CM - XBox One - BF4
  215. Need help for my script
  216. Question about the "Snake Glitch" script?
  217. Rapidfire BF4 - Xbox One
  218. BEST SCRIPT in the world - BF4 - Xbox One - M&K
  219. Gran Turismo 6
  220. Auto Sprint for Ghost 360
  221. script help needed
  222. Script Question; Adjustable Rapid Fire Rate
  223. I'm having trouble re-mapping the PS3 sixaxis to joysticks
  224. Option to invert the Six-Axis aim assist would be awesome
  225. Question about Macro
  226. titanfall added some recoil.
  227. Sensitivity Help
  228. Need help writing simple simple(ish) scrpt for titanfall.
  229. how to edit rec file
  230. DOA5
  231. Help! combine please.
  232. Idea for Rapid Fire and Recoil.
  233. L2 and R2 to Left Stick
  234. Right Stick to Perform Like Left
  235. Sending controller max my fight stick
  236. Has using scripts improved your gaming (POLL)
  237. NBA 2k14 (Need Help writing Script).
  238. Quick question about (get_ptime) -> trying to code a universal quick-reload
  239. BF4 Sensitivity in vehicles PS4
  240. Question, is this possible on console?
  241. Help Please! I need bf4_mkb_sensitivity_smoothing_fix.gpc with a toggle Y-axis button
  242. New GamePack - Souls Series (Dark Souls II, Dark Souls and Demon's Soul)
  243. Run combo as long as button is being held down
  244. A way to use a gamepack with mouse and keyboard?
  245. Transfer Scripts from Device to PC/Cronus Pro
  246. Does anyone have a script to enable vibration?
  247. "Clone" controls instead of re-map?
  248. Script Template for Fighting Games Combo
  249. [DS4] DualShock 4 - Color Control Scripts with RapidFire
  250. PS4 Attempting to play ghosts gamepack on ps4. Is there an issue im unaware of?