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  1. Question from a disabled gamer
  2. Mod Pack For The Last Of Us, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Watch Dogs!
  3. To all of our disabled customers out there whom wish to use gamepacks.
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  5. A question and request regarding PS4 cross controller support.
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  13. Playing Dragon Age Inquisition for Xbox One with one Hand
  14. Please help!
  15. Upgraded to GTA V on PS4, need my script modified since rockstar changed controls.
  16. Keyswapping, Shift Modifier 2.0
  17. turbo buttons script
  18. Possible to remove dead zone for L2?
  19. XBOX360 . I need Left stick click to control forward movement in COD
  20. PS4 FIFA15 SKILLS to single button.
  21. PS4 Destiny 1 Button Ultimate
  22. Custom Script for xbox360
  23. XBOX 360 Logitech G25
  24. assassin's creed unity remapping
  25. script download question
  26. [PS4] THE LAST OF US
  27. Custom Destony PS3 remapping to Fight Stick - with additional mods
  28. [PS4] Help with Script The Last of Us
  29. upgrading to plus
  30. New Script for COD on XBOX360
  31. Loading previous script onto new cronusmax plus software
  32. Get File off of Cronus Max Slot
  33. Ps4 Manual Re-authentication button layout
  34. Advanced warfare anti recoil scripts
  35. Script Issues
  36. What about Mac?
  37. Script Activation
  38. BF4 Auto Aim For PS4?
  39. Can i use 2 different scripts without combine?
  40. Auto Aim for Batman Arkham Knight
  41. PS4 Arkham Knight - Combos on Extra Inputs for Keyboard
  42. HEllo
  43. remapping a button to run and jump.
  44. Destiny script wanted
  45. PS4 Question about touchpad
  46. Help needed for disabled gamer patient
  47. I am looking for a script for Destiny
  48. Hot Shots Golf script request
  49. xbox 360 458 itali thrustmaster
  50. Battflefield 4 problem
  51. Nba 2k16 Perfect release
  52. XBOX ONE Assassin's Creed Syndicate
  53. Modified Destiny GamePack request
  54. Help with Layout Script for Disabled Player
  55. Turbo X and Square with an Extra button???
  56. Help with some basic re-mapping
  57. PS4 Script for GTA5, control with Easymouse infrared mouse
  58. PS3 Big handicaped players - Ask of Script to maintain one or several touches
  59. XBOX ONE Need a Script please from someone who knows what you are doing.
  60. PS4 Black Ops 3
  61. Until Dawn ps4 touch pad swipes
  62. Fallout 4 Script Help
  63. 2 mouse in x-aim
  64. The Division GPC request
  65. PS4 Rapid fire and no recoil
  66. Moving forward in southpaw
  67. Need some help with a script ( PS4 )
  68. Need some help with custom Technomancer script ( PS4 )
  69. Highly stressed gamer with mental health wouldn't mind a pack creating please.
  70. PS4 Quick adding to this script please !
  71. Rre-mapping my Xbox 360 controller.
  72. auto rotate left joystick
  73. Left Stick Left remap to dpad left
  74. Destiny Nightstalker Script
  75. XBOX ONE Shotgun Melee
  76. [PS4]Battleflied 1 Script
  77. help adding touchpad mvmt to existing script
  78. Badly need rapidfire added to my Work in Progress
  79. Add support to Rainbow 6 Gamepack
  80. 1st Script Request *Excited*
  81. Ps4 Infinite warfare
  82. XBOX ONE D pad to right stick southpaw
  83. One hand ps4 controller script using Xbox 360 AV8R flight stick.
  85. Titan Skate Script for Xbox One
  86. XBOX ONE NBA 2k17. Clay Thompson shot script 45 game speed
  87. Help removing unwanted feature on script (PLEASE HELP)
  88. XBOX ONE Custom script
  89. XBOX ONE aim assist scripts for Destiny
  90. Need a help with a script
  91. remap the R3 button to Triangle
  92. PS4 Help with Horizon: Zero Dawn script
  93. [PS4} The Division dead-eys quick scope script help plz.
  94. Rainbow six siege M/K
  95. willing to pay for someone to make a kolin SFV script :)
  96. PS4 Need Script Anti Recoil / Aim assist Uncharted 4
  97. help turning each one off on how do i do this
  98. PS4 Is it possible?
  99. PS4 sante
  100. Tekken 7 Kings Script. for player with Parkinson's.
  101. PS4 Game pack/script for EA UFC 2
  102. PS4 Just Cause 3 mod
  103. PS4 Script for hold
  104. New to the forum and needing help with a Street Fighter II script.
  105. PS4 Need someone to make a very simple script.
  106. gettin old code for new device
  107. Figured out one part
  108. toggle for auto revive
  109. PS3 Problem with rapid fire script
  110. help please
  111. PS 4 Sticks change with D-Pad
  112. PS4 I need help binding combos to buttons.
  113. PS4 need heip on a script
  114. PS3 Metal gear solid 2&3
  115. PS4 Assassins Creed Eagle vision script & running in Fortnight
  116. PS4 I need help with a mouse and keyboard script.
  117. PS4 Disabled Gamer Monster Hunter
  118. Need help with a simple script.
  119. PS4 The division script help!!!!!!
  120. XBOX ONE "On red crosshair = shoot"?
  121. PS4 Help with Double-Tapping
  122. More Help with Script for Batman Arkham Knight PLEASE! :(
  123. Fortnite script needed for x-aim
  124. Just need a Simple Script:)
  125. fast Reload
  126. I need a fortnte script
  127. PS4 I need a ESP script
  128. Can someone make me a simple script?
  129. Spider-Man PS4 help
  130. Need help Fortnite script
  131. Need a tiny bit of help
  132. Need to remove function from script
  133. Could an auto sprint option be added?
  134. Need help with a custom script by Noozbar
  135. need a script with riding horses in red dead 2
  136. disabled gamer needs help
  137. need help with this script
  138. Help please
  139. Disabled Gamer Red Dead Redemption 2
  140. Help with creating a layout for trackball ( aiming assist or auto aim ) Xbox One
  141. Just Cause 4 Auto-Aim/Aim Assist
  142. Need Help add a function
  143. I would like help removing a parameter from this SCRIPT
  144. [PC] Xbox Elite Controller and Mouse on PC for BO4
  145. Fortnite Razor 5.1 script
  146. Need help fixing my script.
  147. Pass the name of a combo to a function
  148. Simple GPC Help please =)
  149. (PS4) Kind of simple script request
  150. i need two toggels
  151. Slowly walk
  152. Simple GPC, Please
  153. Custom controls on script
  154. PS4 script Request
  155. Simple Button Map Replace NBA 2k19
  156. help with a script
  157. battlefild v
  158. [PS4] Death Stranding sixaxis rocking the baby..
  159. The Last of Us Remastered Add auto mark in this script
  160. feeling dumb Simple ps4 Tab
  161. help with a single fuctioning script for star was battlefront2
  162. the last of us
  163. Dropshot help
  164. [PS4 Controller] Double tap in a direction (left or right)
  165. PS4 PS4/Modern Warfare/Rapid Fire/Akimbo/Burst/Auto Hold Breath etc
  166. Can someone make a Real COD Warzone Script for Us
  167. PS4 PS4/Modern Warfare/Rapid Fire/Akimbo/Burst/Auto Hold Breath etc
  168. Script for Assassin's Creed games
  169. Disabled gamer- Left analog remapping
  170. XBOX ONE Modern Warfare script with a small problem, someone help me please!
  171. Disabled gamer needing blackout script
  172. PS4 New girl here with Multiple Sclerosis