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  1. QuadStick mouth operated joystick for quadriplegics works with the cronusMax
  2. On behalf of a disabled gamer, THANK YOU. (also some PS4 questions)
  3. CronusMax is a great solution for amputees and paraplegics
  4. Great idea!
  5. Voice commands for MaxAim
  6. Question.
  7. Halo 2 MCC
  8. Cronus is AWESOME !!!!!
  9. Check out my COD AW Tac19 silent jitter!
  10. Black Friday yeaaa!
  12. This Cronusmax 2.0 thing I am hearing about...
  13. Why do people hate xbox one live ?
  14. cronus max broke
  15. Which is the difference between the new CM and the Second one?
  16. Cronusmax problem
  17. Random funnies.
  18. 20 Awesome Sniper Kills
  19. Can't User 360 controller with Xbone
  20. Using wireless Xbox one controller without micro usb
  21. What's going on with this guys?
  22. Pre-Sale Question
  23. Original Xbox mod.
  24. GF has muscular dystrophy. Will this help her game?
  25. xbox 360 controller doesend work on ps4?
  26. happy st paddy's day!
  27. Xconsoles
  28. PS4 to offer button remapping.
  29. Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition Fightstick Xbox 360 work on Xbox One?
  30. Hey
  31. Spam links
  32. Strange numbers when i post
  33. Attention: KittyDawn.
  34. ajuda como ligo o rapid fire em jogos do computador??
  35. Sound bypass for cronusmax
  36. Disabled gaming community
  37. WTF Mortal KOMBAT X is Online Locked ANd Krypt?
  39. mortal combat X combo tips.
  40. Help with X-Input
  41. New CronusMax Plus User!
  42. want to help a disabled gamer need advice!
  43. Xbox One Question
  44. Xbox going to release VR headset!
  45. X-AIM Mouse settings
  46. Max Mapper - Movement to Button mapping
  47. WTB 10 + units
  48. Headset support
  49. one handed controller
  50. Hello
  51. List of Joysticks that the Cronus will support with the Xbox 1
  52. Hi
  53. Hi guys
  54. Hello!
  55. Published my first scripts! Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  56. CronusPro Software Shortcuts and Customisation?
  57. Hi
  58. mw2 jitter
  59. Hello
  60. Hi !
  61. Newbie
  62. Hello World
  63. Hello im new here quick questions
  64. cronusmax new user
  65. New to CronusMax from Michigan
  66. new to conusmax
  67. Survey to Help us Create a One Handed Controller
  68. Hello World!
  69. Thank you guys
  70. Hello
  71. Hey !!
  72. New here
  73. Hello everybody!
  74. ps3 game pack help....
  75. ps3 controller acting out
  76. ps3 threads and sections
  77. New digs!
  78. Any disabled gamers playing Black ops 3?
  79. my cronusmax stoped working help please
  80. Just showing some thanks to the whole CMAX team!
  81. controller connection keeps failinf
  82. Connect access controller to ps4?
  83. Need help with cronus.
  84. Need Help Switching Buttons For Easier Access To Controller
  85. Dragon Plus / RPG DUO COM 2 / TGC One Handed Controller and CronusMAX PLUS
  86. I need help pls i can not play
  87. Is this product legitimate?
  88. Share your bo3 jittermaster videos!
  89. Need some people to jitter with on ps4
  90. Newcomer, please help!!
  91. Is anyone pumped for the new Doom.
  92. Building a fightstick.
  93. off topic- Glovebox won’t close- should I call a locksmith.
  94. What Cronus do I buy?
  95. Using controller in place of keyboard/mouse
  96. PS4 Community For USb Modded Controllers Users
  97. Blackops 3 XB1 anyone wanna play?
  98. thank you all for the help i appreciated it
  99. Off-topic: Python/C++ help
  100. MaxAdmin!
  101. Hello! Support Headset XboxOne.
  102. Overwhelmed noob with autism
  103. Jump & Slide Black Ops 3
  104. X-Box One Head Set and Cronusmax Plus V3
  105. Hey,Everyone
  107. I planned to practice driving this this month
  108. The next version of Warcraft
  109. the best fighting stick for quadriplegic?
  110. Hi All
  111. E3 error on 2 new cronusmax's
  112. thanks
  113. New whip.
  114. 3rd party ps4 elite controller
  115. using CM plus with FragFx shark V.2016
  116. Street Fighter V FightPad PRO and Cronusmax on Xbox One ?
  117. PS4 Infinite warfare jitter community and friends
  118. a50 gen2 chat asap
  119. xbox one authorize hub ?s
  120. PS4 legal?
  121. Xim4 and other questions.
  122. Two Controller at the same time
  123. Anti-Recoil Not Saving
  124. Support from Cronus
  125. new user, no recoil question
  126. Classifieds? Nacon revolution For Sale!
  127. Looking for script help
  128. Problem with cronus pro 1.12 update
  129. Cronusmax for the nintendo switch?
  130. Trouble pushing controller buttons?
  131. Change username.
  132. Using multiple devices with CronusMax Plus
  133. How to Rapid Fire/ Turbo Controller
  134. Infinite warfare model 2187 jitter update
  135. Does anyone here use the Adroit Switchblade 2 from evil controllers?
  137. Connect Adroit Switchblade 2 to PS4
  138. End of cronusmax in the game the division?
  139. WII U PRO for the WII
  140. Salut j ai un probleme ps4 help
  141. New fightstick build
  142. Tobii Eye Tracker 4C with x-aim
  143. . Moderators:
  144. If you need help with the Adroit Switchblade post here.
  145. Looking for accessibility feedback on my game
  146. Adroit Switchblade suddenly disconnect from PS4
  147. Can I plug in 3 different controls?
  148. Manette ps4 sans fil sur ps4 avec cronus Max
  149. Black op 3 shotgun help me😢😢😢😢😢😥😥
  150. I need help with mouse and keyboard.
  151. Just joined the forum
  152. General Chat of possible Mw2 remastered coming soon.
  153. need script aim hold
  154. Battlefield 1 : problems with crouns max
  155. Auto aim battlefield1
  156. New To Cronusmax ( Need help to play with R6 )
  157. (XBOX 1) Looking for fortnite cronusmax gamers
  158. Dead zones DS4
  159. Daughter Looking For Other Players
  160. Lucky to be here.
  161. Don't buy from SKYWALKER
  162. Strike pack ps4 et cronus max
  164. Kinldy change user name
  165. Using the quadstick and the ds4 at same time
  166. Completely disabling DS4 trackpad
  167. How to add Profile image
  168. pushing my FX 9370. Just curious to see a few benchmark
  169. DS4
  170. New to This
  171. New guy on the block
  172. Help setting Cronusmax with quadstick and trackball on Xbox one
  173. Playing flv on Mxplayer
  174. Is there an easier way to change cronus slot profiles remotely?
  176. 47 hours BAN LOOOL
  177. Acidmods controller mod off.
  178. jitter bans
  179. help in script
  180. Not sure how to use a script for PS4
  181. Issue’s with Library
  182. CM address to community from WHITE 4ND N3RDY
  183. Single sided deafness gamers
  184. openning section for arabic people (MAXADMIN)
  185. Taking a temporary leave of absence!