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  15. will madcats wheel for 360 work on xb1 with cronosmax
  16. [XB1] Can you play a co-op game, P1 uses Chronus, P2 use standard controller?
  17. Question
  18. [XB1] Possible, player 1 uses CM, player 2 standard controller in coop games?
  19. Chat on Xbox One - CronusMax and New Turtle Beach Stealth 500X?
  20. CronusMax Device isnĀ“t working-G-Tuner shows it disconnected
  21. Plugindownload problem with MaxAimDI.
  22. Asus USB-BT400 Bluetooth v4.0 (DS3 & DS4 Compatible)
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  24. blocked A/U
  25. Thrustmaste Ferrari 458 Spider wheel to PS3
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  27. CronusMAX losing signal DualShock 3 -> PC but not DualShock 3 -> PS3
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  29. Cronus Xtreme upgrade to CronusMax, good, but problems for connect
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  31. A little problem with script activation in game
  32. Old Cronus to CronusMAX update
  33. cmax will not regester in my device manager
  34. PS3 Controller not detected on PC
  35. Ps4 authenticates DS4 but then wont show my memory slots for X360 controller
  36. Edit buttons
  37. XboxONE won't recognise X360 arcade stick w/CronusMax
  38. Problems with Window Size "Options" in GTuner
  39. The Super Combo Controller!
  40. I forgot to mention this adapter
  41. Configure layout maxaim
  42. My original post was called something like" The Super Controller"
  43. gtuner cant upgrade my cronusmax, error 8
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  45. Halo 2 Vista Xbox One controller Settings
  46. XBOX ONE Can I use my Xbox 360 with this version?
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  48. Halo 2 Vista Macros??
  49. micro usb recommendation
  50. PS4 LAYOUT
  51. Cronus max connection problem
  52. Firmware update not possible?!?!
  53. GameRec is support with PS4?
  54. Newbie advice
  55. PS4 360 Controller On PS4 Assistance
  56. CoD Advanced Warfare Aiming
  57. Halo 2 MCC
  58. fragfx 360 lost signal problem
  59. X360 controller keeps disconnecting
  60. Help: ps3 navigator issue
  61. PS4 Xbox 360 wireless Controller on PS4: Controller cuts out/CM won't authenticate
  62. XBOX 360 Wireless Not Working With XBOX ONE?
  63. cronusmax and turtebeach x41
  64. So..prepurchase question..
  65. Script needs few tweaks :)
  66. I'm new help, the computer does not identify the cronusmax
  67. Plug n Play Logitech G27 for Xbox One news?!?!?!?!
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  69. question about game packs
  70. Update(s) for the current model ?
  71. Possible to save the encryption? *possible future feature*
  72. Call of Duty ads toggle script
  73. xone controller to ps4 not working ??
  74. New to this looking for a few answers
  75. My Cronusmax isn't recognized by any consoles
  76. Wii U questions
  77. Qanba Q4 RAF and PS4
  78. Cannot get 360 wired scuf to work for the xb1
  79. Controller Disconnecting
  80. cronus + ps4, input is too fast
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  82. Hyped for MCC :)
  83. mouse and keyboard will not help
  84. Maxaim Plugin disconnecting
  85. Urgent Help pls
  86. Voice Chat question
  87. DS3 PS3 bluetooth issues
  88. CM stuck in E2 mode, can't even get to programming on reset
  89. XB1 update?
  90. Mic Problems with the cronusmax!
  91. xbox one
  92. xbox one wired controller
  93. Help/Advice pls
  94. XBOX ONE I have 2 controllers for the xb1 what you mean by verify it
  95. Direct Input 360 Axis Fix
  96. Turning on console via CronusMAX
  97. Scuf Xbox 360 to Xbox ONE Wireless? (From the Blind Man)
  98. Questions
  99. XBOX One Problems
  100. Can't Set up Cronusmax- Usb Device not recognized
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  102. Crounsmax Disconnect every 10mins, HELP
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  104. Turn off controller programmatically
  105. Want to purchase CM but have a few questions
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  108. Avoid controller turn off during console reboot
  109. Vibration Issue
  110. Xbox 360 controller on XB1
  111. Plugin
  112. XBOX ONE Xbox controller doesn't work after authentication process?
  113. can u use maxremapper and a script together?
  114. CronusMax mutes my headset.
  115. BF4/CM/Recoil
  116. XBOX 360 Xbox one controller on 360
  117. XBOX ONE I have 2 xb1 controllers how can I chat using both controllers help
  118. New to Cronusmax! pls help
  119. Documentation feedback: sensitivity()
  120. XBOX ONE Old Cronus Device on Xbox One wireless?
  121. how to make PS3 controller work on the PC with Cronusmax?
  122. Ps4ctrl on Xbox One
  123. Help! New user can't install gtuner
  124. XBOX One/360 Connection Drops
  125. how to connect xone controller on ps4
  126. g27 on xbox360 pl0xx
  127. Seriously Frustrated
  128. The Perfect double shot
  129. CM device not reconized (windows)
  130. Possibility of Retron 5 support?
  131. PS4 A few question before I buy...
  132. Windows 8.1 compatibility
  133. XBOX ONE ON PS4
  134. So does it suport wireless or not?
  135. PS4 Original Madcatz PS3 TE on PS4?
  136. Xbox 1 headset not working, please help
  137. Xbox 360 Wireless Controller isnt Authenticated
  138. Dualshock 3 not responding when connected to CM
  139. DS4 on PS4: Compatible Bluetooth Dongles
  140. Call of duty advanced warfare pack problem
  141. Xbox one headset help (1 xb1 controller 1 xbox 360)
  142. Question about connecting to Computer.
  143. [PS4] Using DS4 and CM on PC (XB360 Mode) - Prevent Timeout?
  144. Using PSX/PS2 controller adapter with CronusMax
  145. Need the PC to be Online all time?
  146. MaxAim DI axis/Xinput crashes
  147. PS3 controller not being picked up on Xbox 360??? ;,(
  148. XBOX ONE: Did CronusMax ruin my controller? HELP
  149. I have an E2 error that can't be fix. Should I return it and get another?
  150. Questions about PS4 controller wireless?
  151. Help pairing DS3
  152. Open Maxaim then plug controller in = crash
  153. Upgrading Old CronosMAX
  154. Bluetooth adapter asus
  155. Buttons dont work on DS3
  156. (Help) MaxAim DI Direct input cannot find my xboxone game controller!!!
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  158. MSVCR120D.dll is missing on you're computer
  159. Showing off the Jitter mod on Cod Advanced WarFare
  160. Xbox one controller not working
  161. GameStop ps3 controller no longer recognized
  162. CronusMAX USB HID Protocol
  163. List of DS4-PS4 games that work and not work through CM
  164. PS4 PS4 Losing Capture Mode signal.
  165. Order Problem
  166. Chat DOES Work on Xbox One with CronusMAX!
  167. Is there any support here??
  168. ps3 controller on ps4
  169. [Resolved]Cronus max don't work on any computer but works well on consoles
  170. Technical please...
  171. PS3 PS3 to Android
  172. XBox 360 voice chat?
  173. Does the cronusmax allow me to play on a PS4 with the ace combat edge flightstick ?
  174. DS4 doesn't work on PC ... Help
  175. XBOX ONE Xbox One Controller on PS3
  176. USB Extender
  177. CronusMax with Astro Headset
  178. tournament legal cronus max
  180. Constant Maxaim plugin v3.2 Disconect
  181. ps4 controller on ps3/360/pc
  182. CronusMaxInPs4AndItIsComingUpAU
  183. PS3 madcatz stick on PS4 stop working after 8 to 10 minutes
  184. HELP: Device Is Not Connected
  185. COD AW latest patch notes
  186. Someone can help me? I think that is a simple thing :D
  187. WiiMote on PS4
  188. COD AW PS4: Help Needed Remapping/Anti-recoil help
  189. latency issues.
  190. Need some help wiht a PS4 Battlefield 4 issue
  191. Trouble Getting G25 running Well
  192. CronusMax (2014 version) Trouble moving in Metal Gear Online 2 for PS3
  193. I feel like an idiot (Trying to use Gamepack)
  194. DS4 technical...
  195. ps4 controller on xbox one with headset
  196. Would just using CronusMax to mod PS4 controller on the PS4 require connection to PC?
  197. Steering Wheel
  198. Is a DS4 wired-only connection to PS4 possible using CM? (ie. no bluetooth)
  200. does the maxremapper have a toggle feature?
  201. Razor Atrox (Xbox 360) Compatibility?
  202. looking for advanced warfare anti=recoil script
  203. Is there a headset that works for ps4?
  204. I'm back
  205. PS4 - Swapping sticks results in wrong directions
  206. Bluetooth: Pairing PS4 controller with CM while connected to PS4 fails
  207. My Setup
  208. my scuff style ds4 controller.
  209. Space CronusMax !
  210. Setting an analog button to digital
  211. XBOX ONE Xbox one controller on PS3 Analog Issues.
  212. Connecting xbox one controller to PC
  213. Advanced warfare instructions for map pack??
  214. Halo 2 Anniversary
  215. Quick & Easy Question - Hopefully
  216. Destiny PS4 Mouse/KB
  217. Upgrading from Old, Basic Cronus Model
  218. CronusMax keeps disconnecting from Xbox One
  219. Can a CronusMax be used to give M&KB input to a PC?
  220. Xbox 360 Controller On Xbox One?
  221. Keyboard with controller
  222. How to walk with Maxaim?
  223. WII U Possibilty?
  224. NEED help with recoil values
  225. Tiger woods 2014 compatable?
  226. need help with disconnecting after few 10 mins problem
  227. Amazon.ca CronusMax Resellers?
  228. Xbox 360 controller on PS4
  229. How to use a xbox 360 controller as a second controller on x1?
  230. Chronusmax problems with reading controllers on pc
  231. need help with xbox 1 trigger buttons not aiming
  232. Cronus Pro pro is not reading the chronusmax
  233. mad cats pro ffb wheel
  234. Is there a MaxAimDI.exe available?
  235. Advanced warfare help
  236. not sure where this goes
  237. Having issues with random disconnection from xbox one
  239. PS4 controller ps button does not work on ps3 console
  240. Repeating Error Message No Matter What I Try
  241. Concurrent bluetooth connections
  242. xbox controller on wii u ?
  243. Cronusmax ps4 issue
  244. Can't use Keyboard and Mouse on my PS4!
  245. Can i chat on xb1 with a ps4 controller?
  246. PS4 (Ger) Xbox One Controller an Ps4
  247. CronusMax won't program
  248. I have no idea what this device does. Will it suit my needs?
  249. Cronus Max and Delta Six
  250. PS4 Wireless Connection