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  1. Where to purchase?
  2. Update Old Cronus Devices to CronusMAX
  3. Not long now :)
  4. XBOX 360 Setup?
  5. just got my cronusmax, i have a quick question
  6. Plugins problem (Fixed)
  7. Future Compatability Questions (Wii, Wii U, DualShock 4, Steam Controller, etc)
  8. Cronus Pro options window resizing?
  9. Wii U Pro Controller and new FW 1.31.
  10. usb controller wiring harness?
  11. Cronusmax backwards compatibility question
  12. Can't update FW 1.31 Cronus Pro 2.02 (Fixed)
  13. Map PC Controller to Cronus / DirectAPI Sample - Can't connect
  14. Logitech G27 on Xbox 360
  15. cant update firmware even with Cronus Pro2.04 (FIXED)
  16. VISUAL Device Monitor
  17. Xbox one controller for the xbox 360
  18. Help cannot download Cronus Pro 2.0.4!! (fixed)
  19. Next Gen Support?
  20. CronusMAX Stuck in Programming (Fixed)
  21. MaxRemapper support for DualShock 3/4 gyroscope?
  22. CronusMAX with Xbox360 Wireless controller
  23. stuck in programming (Fixed)
  24. DS4 on PC
  25. Can I flash my Cronus H1 with CronusMAX firmware?
  26. PS4 Controllers only communicate over Bluetooth!
  27. Xbox360 Mouse and Keyboard
  28. ps navigation and mouse setup
  29. Something is wrong (Fixed)
  30. Plugin to remap controller to keyboard/mouse to use on PC?
  31. easy question, easy answer
  32. change configuration PS4_TOUCHPAD
  33. PS4 Controller Wireless Mode on 1.34 firmware?
  34. [DS4] TouchPad XY return default [0, 0]
  35. I Just ordered a CronusMAX!
  36. Some Issues with CronusMax (ALL FIXED!)
  37. Wii Zapper gun on PS4?
  38. Only output option is xbox360 for ds4
  39. GameCube Controller on PC?
  40. CronusMax failed writing firmware
  41. Multiple controllers ?
  42. Cronus max ps4? Kb&mouse. Work?
  43. Downloaded Wrong Firmware
  44. headset set up
  45. Macro ability question
  46. Cronus and CronusMax
  47. Making the PS4 use a wired controller...
  48. Xbox one to ps3 remapping
  49. Xbox One RB / LB issues
  50. If I use CronuxMAX on my PS4 with a DualShock 4, will it turn off the BlueTooth?
  52. Cronusmax re-mapper program for Xb1 & PS4 controllers?
  53. Will someone post the DS4 on PS3 gpc script to the forum?
  54. XBOX ONE chat w/ keyboard and mouse
  55. how to connect keyboard and mouse to Xbox 360
  56. im trying to buy1 cronusmax but i have a question
  57. Cronus Pro doesn't recognize a new CronusMax
  58. CronusMax with a Xim Edge Setup Xbone
  59. XBOX One Setup Help
  60. Xbone plugging in for the first time use my Xbone controller to authenticate
  61. X360 and PS3 controller on PS4 and XONE (FIXED)
  62. Problem Plugin Manager Cronus Pro v2.08 (FIXED)
  63. I ordered mine :)
  64. cronusmax working before update (fixed)
  65. Xbone needs the controller authenticated every time its switched on
  66. New to site. Question about a specific device.
  67. More than 1 Controller!
  68. PS4 to PS4?
  69. Please help with my warranty
  70. Aimon
  71. Using xbox 360 controller on xbox one (headset)
  72. can't update plugins
  73. Is it possible to swap thumb sticks on the Xbox One?
  74. Support for PC USB controllers (E.g. Sega Saturn USB)?
  75. XBox One using a 360 Steering Wheel
  76. Controller XBOX360 don't work on XBOX ONE
  77. Latency?
  78. Original xbox support
  79. xbox one not cronusmax work....
  80. cronusmax vs cronus device
  81. PS3 + razer keypad & naga hex
  82. Xbox 360 Scuf Controllers support the Xbox one??
  83. Can anyone answer please?
  84. HELP NEEDED !!!!
  85. Re: Welcome to the new CronusMAX Support Forums
  86. buying cronus extreme, need Xbox one advice
  87. CronusMax not working in XB1. help?
  88. CronusMax device not connected to Cronus Pro
  89. Xbox360 not working on Xbox One
  90. Cronusmax error E1?
  91. my cronus deivce isnt reading my ps4
  92. CronusMAX Does Nothing (Resolved)
  93. Firware help
  94. volanti fanatec
  95. Xbox 360 Official Racing Wheel with Pedals for the X1?
  96. Thanks for CronuxMAX !
  97. cronusmax is not available (USA retailers)
  98. CronusMax Patched??
  99. CronusMAX not updating nor loading software
  100. fanatec volanti
  101. Clarification about Dualshock 4 and X360/XBone
  102. Correct Download Link?
  103. Bought Cronusmax from amazon and doesn't work
  104. Dualshock 4 on Ps3
  105. Just got the cronus max gpp download not working???
  106. PS3 headset support for xbox one
  107. As a disabled gamer I want to thank you. As a Canadian I want to ask where to buy...
  108. Device disconnected : can't update the firmware (Fixed)
  109. What's included in the package?
  110. Linux Cronus Pro?
  111. best option for incompatible device
  112. cronus max not working with xbox controller? (fixed)
  113. Datel ArcadePro
  114. Potential Customer with a quick question!
  115. keyboard on PS3/PS4 (Fixed)
  116. Potential customer with questions
  117. call of duty mod setup
  118. Who are these guys ?
  119. Cronus Max/Cronus Xtreme Mixup (fixed)
  120. Mac Work-Around?
  121. hitboxarcade PS3/PC version + CronusMAX for XB1
  122. CronuxMax not working with all PS3 games (Fixed)
  123. Xbox one controller and ps4 conroller disconect midgameplay on pc wired.
  124. Splitfish Frag fx SHARK (WORKS!)
  125. ETA on next batch at any retailer?
  126. Device not recognised (Fixed)
  127. Sony Nav MaxRemapper problem
  129. Mouse speed when aiming
  130. Xbox One guide button problems
  131. Firmware Flash failed (Fixed)
  133. Output Protocol blank
  134. XB1 w/ cronusmax and game chat / using a microphone
  135. Failed Firmware Update
  136. Cronusmax detected like H1 (Fixed)
  137. Update now gives me an "E"
  138. Firmware
  139. BATLEFIELD 4 PS4 headtracking crazy idea works?
  140. cromus max setup problems (Fixed)
  141. Xbox One controller in my xbox 360
  142. cronus cross over
  143. g25/27???
  144. Xbox One
  145. Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller on PC?
  146. OT - Taptalk
  147. XIM configs on Xbox One
  148. Headset Chat Support w/ through XIM
  149. cronus question
  150. I just got my CronusMax and I need help! *Fixed*
  151. Purchased CronusMAX from ChromeModz
  152. Chat Support?
  153. Handicapped gamer looking to get my QuasiCon Axis-2 1P Controller to work on next-gen
  154. xbox360 wireless and wired not working with cronomax on 360
  155. Just arrived - won't set up.
  156. DS3 on XB360 issue
  157. CM keeps going back to "AU"
  158. CronusMax randomly disconnects with every platform *Fixed*
  159. Disconnecting a DS3 from USB turns on a nearby PS3
  160. appreciate the help but having a few more issues
  161. Output to X360 problem
  162. Cronusmax compatible Bluetooth dongle
  163. Xbone plus the xim edge in game adjustments
  164. question: E showing in crosnusmax (Fixed)
  165. CronusMAX disconnects every few minutes
  166. How to flash 1.39?
  167. Updating Older Cronus Device?
  168. Just got a CronusMax today and need help please.
  169. 1 question...
  170. Xbox One Controller Disconnects after 5 minutes of play
  171. New to CronusMAX, help!
  172. Firmware Help
  173. How do I......
  174. cronusMAX 360pad wireless receiver
  175. Wireless Xbox 360 pad disconnecting on PS3
  176. Killer Instinct XBOX ONE Support.
  177. XBONE turning on the mod
  178. Question about Xbox One authentication
  179. Need help setting up Cronsmax for Xbox One
  180. New CronusMax, DS3 to PC help
  181. Keep Authenticating every Power On?
  182. CronusMAX sutck in A/U
  183. Max Remapper save profile on close?
  184. Xbox One Killer Instinct Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 On Xbox 360
  185. Need help connecting an xbox 360/PC fight stick to my xbox one [please!]
  186. please connect controller.....
  187. Your thoughts please...
  188. Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver
  189. bought this dongle...
  190. Device Monitor controls not matching
  191. Unable to connect to server.
  192. Anyone experiencing PC WIFI disconnect?
  193. How to combine both gamepack and remapping script on one slot
  194. Controller wont function when My Arcade Stick is plugged into CronusMax on Xbox One
  195. Cronusmax stopped working on PC with Xbox One Controller (Fixed)
  196. CronusMax stops working every 5 minutes? (Fixed)
  197. Can I use a headset with the cronusmax?
  198. Where is the Supplier forum section ?
  200. PS4 controller on Xbox One precision
  201. Xconsoles: What Happened To Their Inventory?
  202. Please HELP with Profiles management!!!
  203. What all exactly do i need to have my wired 360 scuff on the xb1?
  204. Just a few questions
  205. Will a DS3 USB cable fix my problem?
  206. Need help with xbox one???
  207. Cronus Pro 2.0.8 not installing completely...(FIXED)
  208. CronusMax Will Only Authenticate 360 Controller when the Mini USB is plugged to a PC
  209. Xbox One Controller Wireless
  210. Saving Gamepaks/Modpaks for offline use
  211. Correct me if i'm wrong
  212. Are the Rumors True?
  213. Can some one help?
  214. Max Length for Micro-USB B Cable?
  215. does ps2 convert over to xboxone. using a controller?
  216. Today my CM arrived, hope to make no errors….
  217. Using Cronus for PS2 games on PS3
  218. DS4 ON XBOX 360
  219. Orginial GPP Device Upgrade help needed!
  220. Game record feature questions
  221. Having disconnection issues after firmware update
  222. Whats buttons do you press to get to menu mode on XB1 Controller?
  223. CronusMAX on PS4 BETA TESTING?
  224. What is needed to use an xbox one controller?
  225. Xbox One/Xbox 360 Trigger Resolution Through CronusMax
  226. Consider this Cronus. G27 Racing Wheel for Xbox 360
  227. Xbox 360 authentication issue.
  228. need a little help...
  229. Thoughts on this new product
  230. Arduino/ Makey Makey Support?
  231. Make some way to tell if the Macro feature is activated or not.
  232. Xbox One PS3 controller issue usb (Fixed)
  233. XBOX ONE Authentication
  234. Device Disconnected- Cant connect to GTuner
  235. Firmware Update "Error while writing to flash memory"
  236. Can't update FW 1.42 (Fixed)
  237. DS4 wireless on PS3.
  238. Bluetooth dongle
  239. xim edge help
  240. May have a defective ChronusMax, please advise.
  241. PS3 controller on Xbox question chat question.
  242. Wiimote Accelerometer Mapping to XBOX 360
  243. CronusMax error while writing to flash memory
  244. Problem with Xbox 360 Controller on PS3 and Accelleration Mapping
  245. recovery mode
  246. Y U NO HAVE mac compatible cronus pro software?
  247. PS3 arcade stick to XB360 issue
  248. Aimon XB EliteV with Cronus on Xbox One - Battlefield 4
  249. cronusmax occasionally stops reading input from controller (FIXED)
  250. Unable to retrieve data from the server.