View Full Version : Razer Sabertooth + CM = Godsend

17th October 14, 09:06
Just thought I'd share my story. I would consider myself a disabled gamer. I'm fortunate enough to be able to do many things and have a disability that doesn't hinder as much as others, but certainly playing video games is still a challenge. For me, I had a stroke while still in the womb and it affected the left side of my brain that essentially limited my use of the entire right side of my body. I can still do most everything, I just have limited use. It mainly affected muscle growth and muscle control. Because I have limited use of my right hand, it makes playing a lot of games very difficult. I found the Razer Sabertooth controller and started using it on the 360. It has six additional programmable buttons on it that can be assigned to any button on the controller. Having it helped a ton in FPS games as it gave me the ability to have most buttons needed on the left side of the controller. Then I got the XB1 and was back to square one because I wasn't able to use my Sabertooth. Enter the Cronusmax. Now I'm able to use my Razer on XB1 as well and it's a Godsend. Thanks to everyone that makes gaming for people with disabilities a little less of a struggle! :smile: