View Full Version : Halo 2 Double/Quad Shot w/ D-Pad Enable/Disable

30th October 14, 16:09
Hello, was looking to see if someone could make a script for Halo 2. I'm looking for the quad shot and double shot to fire with the pressing of the right trigger but can be enable or disabled by pressing the D-PAD either up, down, left, or right doesn't matter to me. That way I can choose when I want to use the fast shooter shooting.
So maybe like left on d-pad enables the double shot and then left on the d-pad again disables it and then right on the d-pad enables the quad shot and pressing right on the d-pad again disables it. If it's easier for only one combination to be made I'd prefer the quad shot.

Let me know, thanks in advance!

Side note: Anyone else pumped for MCC?

11th November 14, 04:23
indeed, i need to learn how to write codes for this device, because i too need this mod.

11th November 14, 04:37
Also would like this code.

The halo MCC timing is off a bit compared to the old halo 2 so the timing will have to be adjusted a bit but this is possible