View Full Version : How can i fix this script?? (MK9 script)

21st October 15, 08:03
hi there , when i try to program the script to the CM-USB it says there is an error inline 1064 , the code was made by BuckSatan and here it is : http://cronusmax.com/gpclib/?s=1266

i contacted BuckSatan but i got no reply , please how can i fix this??

21st October 15, 08:12
The script is incomplete for some reason. Nothing you do about it without recreating the code. Unless he published it in the forum somewhere.

23rd October 15, 12:33
oh i see , ok thank you , i hope BuckSatan fix this

22nd January 16, 15:44
Wow, that's strange. It looks like the last part of that script is just ... missing. Maybe there's a limit on how many characters or lines the upload can take? Hmmmm......

I still have the script at home and can try re-releasing it. Sorry about the troubles. I'm glad you got the 10k pints script working by tweaking the match timing for PS3. You'll likely have to do the same for my other scripts.

BTW, I finally released the one geared for X-Rays. I had some real problems getting it to work with a few characters due to the game ignoring inputs and messing up the Kombat Kode. Certain characters seem to be especially vulnerable to this problem, at least on 360. I got my achievement done before I figured out how to fix the timing for those characters, and I was concerned that by getting timing good for them I'd break others. So in the end I just left it alone. Oh, well. Anyway, that script it here and is an enhanced version of the 10k pints script--by changing a few key variables you can use the script for either pints or X-Rays, and you can have it target any list of characters you wish [default is the full roster].

24th January 16, 16:36
UPDATE: I have good news. I fixed and uploaded the 100 Finishers script. I called the version 0.91 to differentiate from previous releases, although there are no functional changes from the 0.9+ version that was truncated. New link is here:

Try this, and please report back whether you have success or not.

For the tech folks / staff: I confirmed that I was hitting some kind of character limit while using CronusPro's "Publish Script" feature. In one case I noticed the preview of the uploaded script cut off in the middle of a comment line. That's what I get for commenting my code so prolifically. :-)

I worked around the limit, this time, by removing some commented debug features that I was using to try to tune the script's reliability. The only audience that might miss that content in the slightest would be advanced coders who would be fully capable of doing their own debugging / hacking, anyway, so no real loss. I checked both before and after upload, and it seems the entire script is there now.