View Full Version : What SF5 toon should I make a combo for first who is fun and who would you like

23rd October 15, 15:16
I will in the next few hours begin to mess with sf5 beta and was just trying to get an opinion on who to make combos for, Who seems the most fun (besides Vega that's my boy since arcade days :) ) . I have seen R Mika and nikali who look awesome so who do you think? or If I have enough time I will just make some stuff for all

24th October 15, 22:24
Ryu & Juri

25th October 15, 15:02
do u make any plz

16th February 16, 05:19
Ryu. Ken.

16th February 16, 06:33
Nash :cool2:

16th February 16, 09:19
Ken and Ryu!

16th February 16, 12:12
akuma ryu

16th February 16, 12:21
Ryu and Ken please! thanks.

16th February 16, 13:16
DHALSIM PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR NECALLI

22nd February 16, 00:22
I will do something for Ken and Nash tomorrow I have to figure out how to deal with the charge ppl but Its possible but Yea ken and Nash then Karen that will be the order of things for the week if all goes well

3rd March 16, 07:12
Maybe one for Bison & Karin

Ditch Pickler
27th March 16, 16:11
Zangiefs dash forward to lp spd


27th March 16, 18:01
I played the game all of 1 time and i sold it back ti the store i did not like this game at all. Sorry honestly if an admin wants to kill this thread it would be a good thing so people dont post here anymore